The Ohalo II fisher-hunter-gatherers submerged camp is 19,400 years-old. Due to
excellentconditions of preservation under the water, unusual finds have been
discovered. These include the remains of the oldest brush huts ever found in
the world. On the floors and in the hearths, hundreds of thousand of charred
seeds/fruits were discovered. In addition, a wide variety of animal bones (of
which fish are the most common) and flint tools were found. A complete human
skeleton of an adult malewas recoverd. The Ohalo II camp is one of the
best-preserved of its kind, and the variety of finds provide an unusual
opportunity to study the details of daily life and subsistence of a group
living by the Sea of Galilee during the last phase of the last Ice Age.

More about Ohalo project find Here

General view on the excavations

One more of OhaloII

Tugan working

Hmmm, if this profile straight?

Wet sifting





Hanan running

Hanan at work

Happy, hippy archaeologists

I owe my thanks for the pictures from last season
of excavations to Dr. Daniel NADEL, Director of Project.


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