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Airport: "Hassanuddin" International Airport; 21 km from center of city

Airport Tax: International flights Rp. 30.000,--

Domestic flights Rp. 9.000,--

Duty-free Allowance: 200 cigarettes or 100 grams tobacco or 50 cigars and one liter of spirits

Food: Seafood lovers, look no further.

Transport: taxi fare from Airport to city is Rp. 24.500,--, regular taxi fare (open door) start at Rp. 2.600,--, Tricycle or known as becak still available in most parts of the city are able to be hired for Rp. 5.000,-- (middle distance). Other public transportation is the city bus (non AC) Rp. 500,--  Aircon bus Rp. 1.500 (point to point) also the "pete-pete"; the public mini Daihatsu bus is Rp. 500,--

Climate: equatorial with rain during November until March or April and dry between May and October

Currency: Rupiah; US Dollars and most other foreign currencies are accepted in most hotels and restaurants

Language: Bahasa Indonesia, Bugis and Makassar



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There are a lot of place to dine in Makassar, from the simple and cheap but clean along the Losari Beach to Fine Dining in international standard hotels. 

A long the beach of Losari from Hotel Makassar Golden via Hotel Sedona Makassar up to Tanjung Mardika, food stall are displayed from sunset to lately night. "The Longest Dinning Table in the World" 








Dine in the Exclusive way at the Malabiri Restaurant of SMKN 8 Makassar. The students has been trusted and served the President of Indonesia and other VIP guest. The Quality of Service is Excellent

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