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Airport: "Hassanuddin" International Airport; 21 km from center of city

Airport Tax: International flights Rp. 30.000,--

Domestic flights Rp. 9.000,--

Duty-free Allowance: 200 cigarettes or 100 grams tobacco or 50 cigars and one liter of spirits

Food: Seafood lovers, look no further.

Transport: taxi fare from Airport to city is Rp.24.500,--,regular taxi fare (open door) start at Rp. 2.600,--, Tricycle or known as becak still available in most parts of the city are able to be hired for Rp. 5.000,-- (middle distance). Other public transportation is the city bus (non AC) Rp. 500,-- Aircon bus Rp. 1.500 (point to point) also the "pete-pete";the public mini Daihatsu bus is Rp. 500,--

Climate: equatorial with rain during November until March or April and dry between May and October

Currency: Rupiah; US Dollars and most other foreign currencies are accepted in most hotels and restaurants

Language: Bahasa Indonesia, Bugis and Makassar



Makassar is the capital of South Sulawesi, land of spice, previously known as Ujung Pandang that derives from the Bugis ethnic call the city where in ancient year growth "pandan"along the coast of Makassar, which means "end of pandan".

Our deepest sympathy to this sudden bad news on the island of Bali and Manado in North Sulawesi on Saturday October 12th 2002. Please forgive them and May the Almighty Lord strengthen them who are lost their beloves and forgive those who has lost their live in this barbarian incident

pictures are taken from various sources AFP, CNN, MetroTV


Makassar is the gateway to the famous Toraja land, deep in the fertile plateaus of Sulawesi, or also known as Celebes. The unique Torajan culture, including their animistic burial rites, makes this region one of the most fascinating wonders in Indonesia. 

Another culture the Bugis, traditionally a great seafaring people whose history goes back to the formidable maritime empire of  Crivijaya, are known for their shipbuilding expertise.

A few spots in the city are worth exploring. Among them are the "Rotterdam" Castle, a Dutch fortress, the old wooden palace which is known as the "Balla Lompoa"; means the Grand House, the waterfall of "Bantimurung" which means refuse the sadness, quaint town like Bantaeng, Jeneponto and Takalar which are recorded in Chinese maritime records. For pristine beaches head for Barombong and Tanjung Bira.

The harbor is in the city, just a few steps from the business and China town. All sea-liners that sail to eastern Indonesia, will transit here for 6 hours. The harbor is named after Soekarno-Hatta, to honor the proclamator and founding fathers of the Republic of Indonesia.

General Information:

Locaton: The province of South Sulawesi is part of Sulawesi island, the southwestern leg is orchid shaped and lies at the crossroads of east and west Indonesia. It covers a land area of 82,768 square kms surrounded by the sea on there side.

Population: Approximately 7,000,000. Predominantly Moslem coastal people in the south and Christian in the Toraja highland.

Climate: Tropical with two seasons, dry from march to september and rainy from october to february. Temperatues range from 21o to 31o along the coast and from 20o to 25o in the highland.

GEOGRAPHY. Area: 72,781 sq.km. Capital: Makassar. Borders: Province of Central Sulawesi on the north, Makassar Straits  on the west, Flores Sea on the south, and Bone Bay and the Province of Tangkok, Kalaena and Jene-Berang. 

Mountais: Rantemario, Lampobatang, Kambuna, Kabinturu, Gandadiwata, Proreang and Balinese. 

Lakes: Tempe, Matana, Towuti, Mahalong and Sidenreng.

Huminity: 72 %. 

Rainfall: Average around 1,000-1,500 mm per year.

Time: South Sulawesi belongs to the Central Indonesia Standard time zone which is 8 hours ahead of GMT, and one hour ahead of Jakarta.

PRIMARY PRODUCTS: Agriculture - Food Crops: Rice, Corn, peanut and Soybean. 

Commercial Crops: Coconut, clove, rubber and cacao. 

Livestock: Cows, buffaloes, horses, goats, sheep, pigs, layer, chickens and ducks. 

Fishery - Fish Products: Tuna, skipjack tuna, barramundi, shrimps, anchovy, common carp, tilapia and milk fish.

Forestry - Forest Products : Rattan, resin and ebony. 

Mining: Manganese, nickel, silver, cement and petroleum.

Handicrafts : Plaiting and carvings.

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