Phalaenopsis - Atien Nasu
Phalaenopsis Atien Nasu
               Pattern Information - Phal. Atien Nasu

Finished Size:      34w  x  27h
                                    14ctL   2-3/8"  x  1-7/8"

Threads:   Full cross - 2 strands of floss

Backstitch:   Outline 3042 - 1 strand of floss
                           Red markins in throat - 1 strand of floss
                           White at top of lip- 3 strands of floss
                           White at tip of lip - 2 strands of floss

DMC just does not have the subtle shading of floss that I needed for this chart, and so, though I really don't like to do it, most of these colors are blends: 1 strand of each color. Due to the small size of this design, it includes 1/4 and 3/4 stitches which a stitcher with a bit of experience can work in as necessary.

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Atien Nasu - real size example
Phal. Atien Nasu chart & key
This partially stitched test piece appears actual size on a 1024 x 768 resolution monitor. Yes, I even changed the chart after I partially stitched this as well.
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I am not able to provide specific information about this particular hybrid phalaenopsis, however it very similar to many of the white phalaenopsis orchids you can readily find for sale through many different sources. In general, a phalaenopsis is the easiest of the orchids to grow and does very well in the typical home environment. They take the same sort of care as your average house plant (light, some water, a bit of  mist, some of food on occasion), and reward you with gorgeous, long-lasting blooms. If you can grow an African Violet, you can definately grow this orchid - actually, it's easier than the AV. I grow several orchids (including one I was told would be hard to get to bloom - but did despite me) in a southeast facing window. I describe my growing technique as: studied indifference. I gave in to temptation at the 1/2 price tag of a somewhat bedraggled looking orchid (which looks pretty much like this one)  2 years ago at the local grocery. It had only 2 blooms left but they amazingly lasted another 6 weeks. It sat alone in the window for several months, amongst the ivy and cactus (yes, in the same window and treated exactly the same), then produced ... well this is a long and interesting story, but only for orchid growers. Basically about a year later it had the timerity to grace me with 2 gorgeous blooms almost 5 inches across, which remained beautiful for a full 4 months. After that I figured I'd better learn how to actually take care of it properly. I went to my first Orchid Society meeting in September 2003. Now I have 13 plants, most of which were given to me at one time or another at meetings or by members of the local orchid society.  They'd all still be sitting with the cactus on the windowsill, but I ran out of room. So cacti and succulents got moved outside for the summer. Even those would still be inside betwixt and between the orchids if my cat hadn't made such a fuss about losing her sunny lounging spot.

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