Photos of completed projects stitched from LMc Designs Charts.

Ok, MOSTLY finished!
The colors used in this box are much closer to the pink towel and mauve threads of the actual project. Now that this is mostly done, I rather favor the softer, monochromatic look and think I'll omit the darker outside rows of "framing" stitches. I'm also going to remove the darker straight stitches around an egg just to see if the chevron background is enough to define the egg shape. Or whether using the mid-tone (DMC 316) is more pleasing to my eye. Note how the alternating rows of one thread half stitches create a "heather" or "tweed" effect. Also note on my project there are only 5 spaces between the eggs, and that I've stitched a center divider of cross stitches using one thread so the chevrons will match up. If had thought it out fully in advance I might have included another row of the same on the third verticle row from the outside of each egg to balance the verticle elements.

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Completed piece used to create Easter card. This was stitched on 18ct Fiddler's lite utilizing the 3-wide cross blackwork background in DMC 3782.  I've used 2-strands of 3032 for for the "frame" and shadows. "Christ is Risen" is stitched with 2 strands of the 3032, and the flowers use one strand of 3032.

To create the card use 1/2 piece of ivory cardstock and your favorite greeting card program.  I only had white and while I have 2 separate card programs, I found it faster for me to print a border to border sponge background in PSP8  using RGB 249 / 243 / 215 on 1/2 of the card for the front. Then I went to Word to do the inside text: a nice gold using 226 / 199 / 64 colored text.

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