The Court (See diagram back page)

The game is played on a rectangular court 18m x 9m divided in the centre by a net and a centre line. The net is tighfiy stretched and mounted to a height of 1.55m or 1.65m from the floor. A service area 3m wide is marked out on the right side of each half immediately bellrod the attack line which is 3m from and parallel to the centre line.

The Ball

80cm monster balloon - Diameter 675mm - 700nm~

Match Letl~th.

The match is played in 1 set of 15 points or a time limit of 30 minutes. The first team to reach 15 points will be declared the winner. If the match is still in progress after 30 minutes the team with the highest points will win or if the scores are equal the match is drawn. If the score reaches 14-14 the set continues ,ntil one team is successful in obtaining a clear lead of 2 points.

The Team

Each team consists of 6 players on the court plus substitutes. Players are numbered from 1 to 6. Three players .in the front and three in the back. Players can move a.1]. over the court but not leave their positions (Front or Back). When a substitution is made, the player who leaves the court can only return to the same position.

The Match

The game is started by the player in the fight back position (]No 1) who hits the ball with wheelchair or body (serves the bail.) over the net from the service area. If the umpire's throw does not suit the server, they may say "Have It Again" as long as the balloon has touched neither server nor floor. The object of the game is to ground the ball in your opponents court or to force your opponents into other errors, in which case your team wins a point if it is serving or gains the service if it has been receiving service. The toss of a coin decides which team is to serve first at the beginning of the game. To serve, the player nmst be behind the attacking line on the right side (See Diagram back page).

A served ball is a "fault" if it:-

Touches the floor of the serving teams area, a team mate or the net.


Passes under the :net or crosses the net entirely outside the boundaries of the court.

3. Touches the ceiling or any obstruction or objects before contacting
oppone.nt or the floor of the opponents area.


Lands out of bounds.


5. Is hit with the servers hand.

When a fault occurs, the serve is given to the opposing team.

The teams change serve and sides after one team reaches 8 points.

The Match. in Progress

After the ball is put in play, it is volleyed back and forth across the net. Each team is allowed to touch the ball. 3 times when it is on their side of the net. A player cannot hit the ball twice in succession. Each team tries to turn to prevent the ball striking the floor of the court. The game continues until the ball falls to the floor, is hit out of bounds or a team commits a foul. Should the serving team have forced their opponents into error or foul, it scores 1 point and retains the service, if the receiving team wins the rally, its players rotate one place in a clockwise direction and the player who has moved into the right back position then becomes the server. If during play the 'bah hits the net, it is "Play On". If the balloon bursts during play, the point will be played again. The team in possession of the balloon may go over the boundary lines in order to keep the balloon in play.

The serving team receives a point when:-

1. The ball hits the floor on the opponents half.

2. The ball is hit out of bounds by the opposing team.

3. An opposing player makes 2 successive hits (even if accidental).


An opposing player hits the ba]-l with their hand (the arm can contact the ball if the hand is touching the wheelchair.

5. An opposing player touches the net or crosses the centre line.




The opposing team hits the ball more than 3 times,

An opposing player is out of position.

An opposing player lifts Iris wheels off the ground.

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