Noble F. Crabtree

Descendants of John Crabtree

Generation No. 1

John Crabtree was born Abt. August 1835 in Tennessee, and died Aft. 1900. He married Margaret J. Unk. Abt. 1860.

Children of John Crabtree and Margaret Unk. are:
i. William A. Crabtree, b. Abt. 1860, Tennessee.
ii. John Allen Crabtree, b. Abt. 1863, Tennessee.
iii. James Harvey Crabtree, b. March 02, 1866, Tennessee; d. May 31, 1939, Joplin, Jasper County, Missouri.
iv. Samuel Franklin Crabtree, b. July 07, 1870, Tennessee; d. January 30, 1924, Rome, Floyd County, Georgia.
v. Nettie Crabtree, b. Abt. 1872, Tennessee.
vi. Lavinah Crabtree, b. Abt. 1874, Tennessee.
vii. George W. Crabtree, b. August 1877, Tennesse.
viii. James C. Crabtree, b. October 1878, Tennessee.
ix. Elbert E. Crabtree, b. April 1881, Tennessee.
x. Peck (Pete) Crabtree, b. August 1884, Tennessee.
xi. Sylester G. Crabtree, b. April 1887, Tennessee.

Generation No. 2

John Allen Crabtree (John) was born Abt. 1863 in Tennessee. He married (1) Mary Paul. He married (2) Martha ???. He married (3) Julia Rinks.

More About Julia Rinks:
Children/child: no Children but Julia had a daugther

Children of John Crabtree and Mary Paul are:
i. Samuel Franklin Crabtree.
ii. Henry Crabtree.
iii. Charlie Crabtree.
iv. Alice Crabtree.

Children of John Crabtree and Martha ??? are:
v. Mary Crabtree.
vi. Mattie Crabtree.
vii. Walter Crabtree.

James Harvey Crabtree (John) was born March 02, 1866 in Tennessee, and died May 31, 1939 in Joplin, Jasper County, Missouri. He married (1) Lillian May Stanfield,d. 1899 daughter of James Stanfield and Amanda ???. He married (2) Lola V. ???. He married (3) Lillie Brown Gibbens m. September 06, 1900 in Chattooga County, Georgia.

Children of James Crabtree and Lillian Stanfield are:
i. Linda S. Crabtree, b. Abt. 1892; d. Bef. 1900.
ii. Dosha Crabtree, b. November 06, 1894, Georgia.
iii. Etta Crabtree, b. August 1899, Georgia.

Children of James Crabtree and Lillie Gibbens are:
iv. Addie Gertrude Crabtree, b. October 1901; d. September 06, 1930; m. Frank Johnson.
v. Anna Crabtree, b. Abt. 1904; d. December 01, 1957; m. (1) Guy Morgan; m. (2) Ralph Waughtal.
vi. Owen G. Crabtree, b. March 26, 1908; d. January 1967; m. Dessa Stark.
vii. Rita Crabtree, b. May 19, 1910; d. August 1984; m. (1) Robert Qualls; m. (2) Dennis Ferris.
viii. Elva Jane Crabtree, b. September 12, 1911; d. October 1992; m. (1) George Walker; m. (2) Bill Potter.
ix. James Crabtree. died as a infant

Samuel Franklin Crabtree (John) was born July 07, 1870 in Tennessee, and died January 30, 1924 in Rome, Floyd County, Georgia.buried at the old Oakland Cemetery He married (1) Sarah Stanfield m. April 06, 1890 in Chattooga County, Georgia. He married (2) Sarah Crowe m. April 15, 1894 in Chattooga County, Georgia. He married (3) Mattie Jane Cornelius m. May 09, 1909, daughter of Thomas Cornelius and Elizabeth Mitchell.

More About Sarah Stanfield:
Children/child: Had 2 children that died as infants she then died in childbirth per oral family history
Medical Information: Died in childbirth

More About Sarah Crowe:
Children/child: 2 children died as infants

Children of Samuel Crabtree and Sarah Crowe are:
i. Homer Crabtree, b. Bef. 1909; m. Eva Warren.
ii. Mary L. Crabtree, b. Bef. 1909; m. Dalton Suits.
iii. Ernest Lavell Crabtree, b. 1903 in Trion, Ga. d. 1975 Summerville, Ga.; m. Willie Mae Mason
iv. Charles Wheeler Crabtree, b. Bef. 1909. m. Clara Maude Self.
v. Nellie Marie Crabtree, m. Raymond Riley Garmany.

Children of Samuel Crabtree and Mattie Cornelius are:
vi. Fleedie Mae Crabtree, m. Homer Glynn Tanner.
vii. Robert Lee Lester Crabtree, b. April 30, 1912, Trion, Chattooga, Georgia; d. July 18, 1978.
viii. Jesse Crabtree.

More About Jesse Crabtree:
Medical Information: Died at abt. 16 mos of age

George W. Crabtree (John) was born August 1877 in Tennesse. He married Lucy Ann Carroll, daughter of Burdine Carroll and Sarah Canady.

Children of George Crabtree and Lucy Carroll are:
i. Doxie Luella Crabtree, b. July 1891, Missouri; Stepchild.
ii. Omia Crabtree, b. May 1899, Missouri.
iii. Eugene Lester Crabtree, b. February 09, 1907, Missouri; d. May 10, 1979, Salem, Marion County, Oregon; m. Eva.
iv. Noble Fredrick Crabtree, b. March 08, 1909, Cherokee County, Spring Valley, Kansas; d. September 25, 1959, Los Angeles,California.
v. Elva V. Crabtree, b. January 02, 1911, Baxter Springs, Kansas; d. April 17, 2004, Gordon, Pennsylvania.
vi. James M. Crabtree, b. 1913.

Generation No. 3

Ernest Lavell Crabtreeborn 1903 in Trion, Georgia died 1975 in Summerville, Georgia. Married WillieMae Mason

children of Ernest Crabtree and Willie Mason are:

i. James Arthur Crabtree d. 1950 m.Anna Roberta Bellew
ii. Sadie Crabtree m. (1).Rembert Hillyer m. (2). Charles Duncan

Robert Lee Lester Crabtree (Samuel Franklin, John) was born April 30, 1912 in Trion, Chattooga, Georgia, and died July 18, 1978. He married Amy Vera Galloway May 25, 1935, daughter of James Galloway and Lizzie Cook.

Children of Robert Crabtree and Amy Galloway are:
i. Lester James Franklin Crabtree.
ii. Roy Leon Crabtree, m. (1) June Askew; m. (2) Margaret Rosenbaun.
iii. Sherry Jane Crabtree, b. May 20, 1950, Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia.
iv. David Lee Crabtree.

Noble Fredrick Crabtree (George W., John) was born March 08, 1909 in Cherokee County, Spring Valley, Kansas, and died September 25, 1959 in Los Angeles, California. He married (1) Silver D. Barnett. He married (2) Elizabeth ??? March 09, 1926 in Columbus, Kansas, daughter of C. Barnett and Camille Watwood.

Child of Noble Crabtree and Silver Barnett are:
ii. Rhea Elizabeth Crabtree, b. 1927, Baxter Springs, Kansas.

Child of Noble Crabtree and Elizabeth ??? are:
i. Dovie Rebeca Crabtree, b. Abt. 1949, Ashland, Clearfield County, Pennsylvania.

Generation No. 4

James Arthur Crabtree (Ernest Lavell, Samuel Franklin,John) died 1950 Married Anna Roberta Bellew

childern of James Crabtree and Anna Bellew are:
i. Paula Crabtree b. 1945
ii.James Crabtree b. 1947 married (1).Jerri Unk. (2). Unk.
iii. Martin Crabtree b. 1950

Sadie Crabtree (Ernest Lavell, Samuel Franklin,John) Married (1). Rembert Hillyer (2). Charles Duncan

childern of Sadie Crabtree and Rembert Hillyer are:
i. Elaine Hillyer
ii. Brenda Hillyer

Sherry Jane Crabtree (Robert Lee Lester, Samuel Franklin, John) was born May 20, 1950 in Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia. She married James Franklin Osburn January 17, 1970, son of David Osburn and Doris Fendley.

Children of Sherry Crabtree and James Osburn are:
i. James Franklin Osburn Jr..
ii. Robert Lee Osburn.

More About Robert Lee Osburn:
Twin: Jonathan Edward

iii. Jonathan Edward Osburn.
iv. Christoher Osburn.

Rhea Elizabeth Crabtree (Noble Fredrick, George W., John) was born 1927 in Baxter Springs, Kansas. She married (1) Lavern Dale Shields 1946 in Lawrence, Kansas, son of Otto Shields and Verna Unk.. She married (2) Orlo Forrest Harr November 04, 1950 in Las Vegas, Nevada, son of Forest Harr and Evelyn Bushee.

Child of Rhea Crabtree and Lavern Shields are:
i. Terrance Dale Harr, b. 1947, La Jolla, California.

Child of Rhea Crabtree and Orlo Harr are:
ii. Laura Jo-Ann Harr, b. 1954, Upland, California.

Generation No. 5

Paula Crabtree (James Arthur Crabtree, Ernest Lavell, Samuel Franklin, John) She married (1)Unk Ferguson (2) Unk.

child of Paula Crabtree and Unk. Ferguson
i.David Ferguson

child of Paula Crabtree and Unk.
i.Mark Unk.

James Crabtree (James Arthur Crabtree, Ernest Lavell, Samuel Franklin, John) He married Jerri Unk.

Child of James Crabtree and Jerri Unk.
i.Adrienne Candace Crabtree

James Franklin Osburn Jr. (Sherry Jane Crabtree, Robert Lee Lester, Samuel Franklin, John). He married Christine Kay Fuller.

Child of James Osburn and Christine Fuller are:
i. Raven Kenneth James.

Jonathan Edward Osburn (Sherry Jane Crabtree, Robert Lee Lester, Samuel Franklin, John). He married Lynda Hammond.

Child of Jonathan Osburn and Lynda Hammond are:
i. Carrie Lynn Osburn.

Terrance Dale Harr (Rhea Elizabeth Crabtree, Noble Fredrick, George W., John) was born 1947 in La Jolla, California. He married (1) Carole Lynn Darrow 1968 in Phoenix, Az., daughter of Thomas Darrow and Mable Alice. He married (2) Nola Jean Van Derslice 1979 in Phoenix, Arizona, daughter of John Van Derslice and Charolett Bowdon.

Children of Terrance Harr and Carole Darrow are:
i. Thomas Forrest Harr, b. 1970, Colorado Springs, Colorado; m. Vanessa Chihanik.
ii. Tammerra Kay Harr, b. 1971; m. (1) Matthew Eric Singer; m. (2) Jeffery Dale Snyder.
iii. Michele Lynn Harr, b. 1973, Phoenix, Arizona; m. David Michael Lefevere Sr., 1992, Divide, Colorado.
iv. Michael Cameran Harr, b. 1974, Port Huemene, California.

Laura Jo-Ann Harr (Rhea Elizabeth Crabtree, Noble Fredrick, George W., John) was born 1954 in Upland, California. She married Roger Gerald Richards 1984 in Phoenix, Az., son of Jack J.B. Richards and Mary K. Worley.

Children of Laura Harr and Roger Richards are:
i. Nathan Dale Richards, b. 1980, Phoenix, Arizona; Stepchild.
ii. Stephanie Jo-Ann Richards, b. 1985, Phoenix, Arizona.

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Sherry Crabtree Osburn and Martin Crabtree
for helping to fill in the blanks.

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