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Learning Pages.

Christmas music.

O, Little Town of Bethlehem - piano solo, lyric verses

Silent Night - piano solo, lyric verses

Hark! The Herald Angels Sing - choir, piano & handbells, lyric verses

MIDI music files

Lamplight Music MIDI page.

If you want to learn how to play or read music without paying for lessons, going to school or buying books - this page is for you.

Learning pages.


The links below are to pages about how music works, how to listen to and appreciate music and, hopefully, some entertaining pages about composers and music history. You may find some interesting stories and learn new facts about music. You may find the tonal music page helpful if you want to learn the basics of how to hear and play music at a piano or keyboard instrument. You can then use that knowledge to learn to play other instruments. The tutorial starts off very simply and gradually reveals more about how to learn to play music after hearing it and to learn how to read music.

This is by no means a complete study of music history or of music theory. There are many books and websites dedicated to those purposes that a search will reveal. This commentary is about learning by experiencing music in many forms and even learning to play music if you want to. Hopefully, you will learn something that you do not know about the composers and their music or, perhaps, see it in a different light or in a new way. The goal is to make music more accessible to everyone, including those who have no musical training or knowledge other than a desire to learn.

Parents are encouraged to review these materials for home study or home schooling - some material may not be suitable for or understood by younger children but should be acceptable for older children and adult students. The Tonal music page may be very helpful for parents to teach younger children about the building blocks of music. And any student or teacher, regardless of age, can benefit from the materials presented on that page.

References consulted for biographies, historical period headings and to clarify/verify historical information include:
Concise Oxford Dictionary of Music, Harvard Dictionary of Music, A History of Western Music, 20th Century Music - An Introduction and various music sites around the Internet.

Ancient music.
Greek music.
Tonal music.
Baroque music.
Classical music.
Romantic music.
Post-romantic and chromatic music.
Musical impressionism.
Modern music - the 20th century and beyond.
Film and tv music.
Folk, Blues, Jazz, Rock & Popular Music.
Historical headings.
Music glossary.
Sky page.
Complete sitemap link page.

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