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Welcome to our website...we are a fun bunch and enjoy the internets variety of life experiences.  We never could have viewed the Grand Canals of Italy or gone to Venice without the magic of pcs.  So welcome to our site and come back often.

I have Polycystic Kidney Deasease and recently my 14 year old son was also diagnosed with it.  The illness affects only my blood pressure and sometimes kidney stones and infections, other than that it has beeen mild.  It is incurable and untreatable.  The blood pressure originally elevated unabated before my PKD was diagnosed till it cause a black out while driving and resulted in an accident involving several vehicles.  The injuries were minor to our bodies, but to my brain it was more intense.  Since them my doctor has found my prefrontal cortex to be dysfunctional.

Along with the 12 pills I take for high blood pressure and the prescription pain medication for my Degenerative Back Desease.  I also have sleeping pills and am now on Klonopin to block flashbacks and panic attacks and reduce anxiety levels.  Also Celexa to relieve depressive symptoms.  I have to see several different doctors. My full care doctor, my renal doctor, my physical therapist and my psychiatrist. (which includes cognitive behavioral psychotherapy)

Daniel begins his renal therapy visits on December 29th 2005.

The situation is grim this year, but I have applied for 100 percent disability with the VA and will have a response by February of next year.  That will double my benefits and pay for my children's college.  Our family should stabalize into a comfortable living.  At least the bills will be paid.

Until then, I have had to apply for a Moratorium with the electirc company to defer payments till after the winter months.  My ex hasnt paid his child support in three months.  Food stamps
have been approved but my card isn't in yet and it will only be 140 dollars a month when I do get it. We won't be having any Christmas presents this year (again).
Daniel attends high school out of district so he has to be driven to school and picked up everyday.  He played football this year and did well.  He is making his usual high grades, last year he had trouble keeping up with his projects but has resolved whatever it was bothering him.   But again, I have to have money for gas and school supplies and his clothing (he is on free lunch)

Buck (our dog) died, he was advanced in age and we have decided not to get another due to the expense of having pets.  He was a wonderful pet and will be missed greatly.

This is but a brief outline of some serious aspects of our situation at the moment.  But I decided to update my friends and family this way instead of individually, especially since we are not that often in communication with each other.

Better News...

Russell (who has a cold at the moment) otherwise is doing quite well. He is six now and had defeted his Ty 2 game on PS2.  He is very proud of this.  He can count to 100, more if he consentrates and can spell many new words and can read and write all of his letters.  He spends many happy hours drawing out pictures of his Ty 2 experience.

Daniel as I said is doing very well in school.  He is 6'2" around 230 lbs.  He loves playing football and is in weight lifting class after school.  He should be going to a driving class soon.  He makes excellent grades, but is sometimes the class humorist.

Bobbie is in engaged to Jason M..  They have been dating almost 3 years.  They are waiting to get married until we can afford a nice wedding.  He is a wonderful person.  Fun and friendly.  Good with computers and an excellent cook.  He and Bobbie make a wonderful couple.

I hope all of you are well and having a grreat holiday season.

Its A Family Thing
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