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Immortal Beloved :: Louis de Pointe du Lac

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This is N.O.S.E.'s site on Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles and Mayfair Witches. I have recently added pages on 2 other books of Anne's and as well a page on her husband Stan's poetry. Just so you know, QOTD is Queen of the Damned, IWTV is Interview with the Vampire, and VC is Vampire Chronicles. Just for those who dont get it... Enjoy :)

It has been a long time since I've updated the site but I finally have a little time to spare! I have updated the Lestat Musical page. The reviews of the show are up!

I have news about the Broadway musical The Vampire Lestat. I know I don't have much lately, but with Anne not writing any more books, I'm sorta drowning in repetition. I'll try to make it interesting though :)

I'd added a new page to my site. It's my new analysis page. I only have one thing on it but I'll have more as soon as I get my ass in gear.

I made a new page for the Vampire Lestat musical. I'll keep looking for more information as the whole show progresses. The most important thing being, where do I get tickets!?

It was recently brought to my attention that I forgot about Lestat and Nicki on my relationships page. How that happened I don't know, but it's there now. Please let me know if I forget something, any comments are welcome in fact. Unless they're negative of course...

Hello children. I just read about Anne Rice's rebuttal to all the bad reviews of Blood Canticle posted on . Although I am all for everyone's right to his/her own opinions and the rights of those individuals to express their opinions, I have to say that many of those reviews were written in very poor taste. Anne cannot please everyone, and even though you could say that she is in the media and has a duty to her readers, an artist works first and formost for themselves. She was going to end her Vampire Chronicles, and had to do it in her own way. I don't mean to support self-censorship but some care must be taken when one is writing a critique of someone whose work has meant a lot to them.

I added some new mini banners to the site for those of you who like my site and wish to advertise it.

I think I'm going to change the site soon. I'm not sure exactly when or exactly what it will look like but it's coming...

I just added a new section to the site. It's the Relationshipspage which analyzes the relationships of certain vampires and witches. Very soon I will be adding a section on analysis of the books and characters themselves.

N one has probably noticed but I've merged my VC dictionary with the Mayfair Witches, so it now has stuff from both series in it. I have also merged my bios and my book information pages. I'm very proud of myself. I'm working on merging both sites and making them look prettier but it's a lot of work, so we'll see.

"But all during these years I had a vague but persistent desire to return to New Orleans. I never forgot New Orleans. And when we were in tropical places and places of those flowers and trees that grow in Louisiana, I would think of it acutely and I would feel for my home the only glimmer of desire I felt for anything outside my endless pursuit of art.

- Louis in Interview with the Vampire

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