In days of old,
men longed for gold,
and Nubia-Kush was king.
It was a time,
was so sublime,
and we had everything.

Cause Nubians we,
the Chosen be,
who built the Sphinx so old,
ten thousand years,
it stood our fears,
the rain, the heat, the cold.

We made the Nile,
its crocodiles,
flow just the way we pleased.
We built great dams,
and mighty rams,
and all our great cities.

Their names still ring,
with pride and zing,
whenever they are said.
That's why we know,
of Great Meroe,
they've never left our heads.

We did invent,
what others spent,
their time to learn and copy.
Like that called steel,
and iron wheels,
our goods were far from sloppy.

Our mystry schools,
made the first rules,
of science, math, great thought.
We taught the Greeks,
to build with bricks,
our wisdom that they sought.

Our pyramids,
stood on their grids,
about four score and five.
We built to last,
in ages past,
yet still they stand alive.

Our mighty castles,
withstood all battles,
and so the Temehou,
took from Buhen,
what they had seen,
and built in their lands too.

A great long wall,
so thick and tall,
we built long before China,
when Nubian Pharaohs,
ruled as Khem's heroes,
and kept the Nomu from her.

And Montu saw,
us all through war,
and Amun did we build,
from solid rock,
temples for flock,
with oxen in the field.

To ancient Nok,
our longest walk,
was made from Nubia,
and still our lives,
were civilized,
People of the Great River.

So when you hear,
what woun't endear,
just think back to this verse,
for we are great.
not woun't be late,
we will be back to first.

They call us out our sacred name,
their evil faces look us with scorn,
they think they can put us to shame,
but we're Nubians, great,
and great we're born.




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