“Come Watson, the game is afoot”

And off would run the famous duo to Charring Cross or

Paddington in a hansom down the fog filled streets

of London on a cold winter morning…

The tales of this world famous detective

Mr. , have been read and enjoyed

all over the world through the ages thanks to his

compatriot and chronicler Dr. , M.D.

Let me take you on a trip in history down

the same by-lanes in London and up the steps of 221B

Baker Street in the living room by the fireplace where

Holmes and Watson are seated by that table marked by

that Swiss knife that Holmes used to pin notes with,

reminiscing about the good old days…

(Holmes is asking Watson about his career, giving

Watson a tough time indeed. Let us see if you can help

out Watson.)

“Watson do you remember the chap who introduced us?” asked Holmes puffing on his pipe…

Well I sure do Holmes, if it weren’t for him we wouldn’t be sitting here together today!”

Who is the person they are talking about?

“These rooms are quite comfortable in contrast to my previous quarters”

“My rooms were okay, but I was lonely. Come to think of it Watson, I still don’t know where you were residing prior to this!”

Perhaps you would know where Holmes and Watson had their lodgings prior to their meeting….

“I remember our first meeting in the lab… and the adventure that followed it. You called it A Study in Scarlet.”

“I was fairly taken aback when you remarked out of the blue that I had come from Afghanistan. And you were quick to notice my injury too!”

What injury did Watson carry from Afghanistan?

“Elementary, my dear Watson!”

“If it weren’t for my brave orderly who brought me out of the firing line, I wouldn’t be sitting here talking to you.”

Who was the orderly?

“He did a great service to me and the world of detection and though I hate to admit it, I wouldn’t have been known the world over if it hadn’t been for you!”

“It certainly must have been difficult for you and the house keeper in the beginning to get accustomed to my ways. The ablest and the most intelligent of the two men on the Scotland Yard calling on me at unearthly hours…, the army of the street urchins marching in bringing me the information which even these two men couldn’t have collected using all their official bearing.”

Who was the housekeeper?

Who were the ‘two ablest men’ on the force?

Who led the army of the urchins?

“Yes, it certainly was trying at times in the beginning. But later I got used to it. It certainly must have been much more trying for the old lady! And I can tell that she certainly wasn’t impressed by the hiding places for your tobacco and pipe. And what unusual places too!”

Where did Holmes hide the tobacco and the pipe?

“And not to mention your violin concertinos regardless of the hour at night and those hypodermics that used to artificially stimulate the mind when no cases were at hand!”

What make was Holmes’ violin?

Holmes was in the habit of taking which drug?

“By and by our partnership was beneficial to both. Why you can credit me for finding you a wife in what you called ‘The Sign of Four’!”

“Yes, that’s true. If it weren’t for that, I would have been a bachelor like you still.”

What was the name of Mrs. Watson?

“Holmes, you seem to hate females. Yet when asked for the reward in the one of the most challenging cases you asked for the portrait of the female who had outwitted you? And though you later got the golden snuffbox from the client in this case. Though I sure was awestruck when you revealed his identity!”

Who is the woman who ‘defeated’ Holmes?

Who is the client in question?

“I wish you wouldn’t use the term hate for women. I don’t hate them! It is more like general dislike. She is one person who outwitted me! Not even my archenemy and the best brains in the criminal world could mange to do that! Why I literally managed to come out of the dead while he is till lying in the depths of those Swiss falls if the flow hasn’t taken him elsewhere.”

Who is Holmes’ archenemy?

Which falls is he talking about?

“Speaking of him, he is as well known in the criminal community…”

“My blushes, Watson!”

“I was about to remark as unknown he is to the public!”

“Don’t remind me of those horrid day Holmes. It was like I have lost you forever.

I remember it was some Japanese martial art that saved you from falling into those torrents. I was shattered when I saw your note and the pipe and cigarette case resting on the ledge. We searched for two days without giving up. That was the worst joke you ever played on me Holmes!”

Which Japanese martial art form saved Holmes' life at the falls?

“Believe me Watson I didn’t wish to bother you in the least. But I have explained my motives. And my getting out of those falls was made much more difficult by that aide of his throwing rocks at me.”

Who threw rocks at Holmes as he was struggling to get out from the falls?

“But you did confide in your brother. You have told very little about your brother Holmes.”

“I have Watson, I have. He has had been unfortunate in the past that's why I don’t like to discuss him. But it would suffice to say that he is older and wiser to me. I collect 2 and 2. He runs these figures in mind and gives you four. I told you Watson I am one of a kind in the world amongst detectives. My brother could have risen to greater heights than me. But he chose to go into the government. I have no hesitation in saying that he is sometimes himself the government. Another reason I didn’t tell you much about him is that he keeps pretty much to himself. He has only his work and his club. You remember we visited his club in the adventure of the ‘Greek Interpreter’. And a pretty strange club too! Silence is the rule out there. There is only one room where one is allowed to talk.”

What is Holmes’ brother name?

How much elder is he to Holmes?

What is the name of his Club?

In which room are members of this club allowed to talk?

What type of detective does Holmes call himself to be?

“Believe me Holmes I was both surprised and happy beyond belief when you suddenly came in front of me”

“As I remember it Watson, you fainted!”

Which story marked the Return of Sherlock Holmes?

“The only other time you had me scared was when you feigned that tropical illness and wouldn’t let me near you. Mrs. Hudson as a messenger didn’t help matters either!”

“Ah yes, the adventure of the Dying Detective! You seem to have a knack of fishing out an apt title for our adventures Watson.”

What was the disease feigned by Holmes?

“You told me you visited a lot of places in the east under an assumed name during the exile?”

“I was a Norwegian. You must have read my essays on the Buddhist monasteries and Tibetan way of life? Well that was I. All that time you were hearing news of my well being!”

Where did Holmes visit during his exile?

What name did he adopt?

“Over all Holmes, I sure have enjoyed our adventures. Though I didn’t approve of your handling things at times. Why in the Hound of Baskervilles, that hound could have torn Sir Baskerville from limb to limb!”

“Whenever you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth. That's what I always say! And what about my substituting that book instead of those important naval papers in the ‘His Last Bow’.”

“That was a masterpiece Holmes. Though had I been there I sure would have whispered the word that you had asked me to in case you became over confident!”

The Hound was cross between a bloodhound and a…..

Which book did Holmes substitute for the naval papers?

Which word did Holmes ask Watson to whisper in his ear in case he ever became overconfident?

“Dinner is served,” said Mrs. Hudson, quietly entering the room.

“Come Watson, it is just like the old times. What is it today Mrs. Hudson? Curried chicken and pot beef? Well Watson, it is party time tonight!”

“Hand me over my violin and let us try to forget for half an hour the miserable weather and the still more miserable ways of our fellowmen.”

Mrs. Hudson enters the room.

“Mr. Lestrade and Mr. Gregson have come to see you, Sir.”

“What’s the matter Lestrade you seem perturbed?” said Holmes.

“Another murder Sir, no clues to the murderer. There is no evidence of any gunshot or any other injury on the body. No evidence of poison Sir. I was hoping if you could accompany us to the scene of the crime. We have a cab waiting downstairs.”

“Did you find any evidence of ash near the body? Cigarettes?”

“I am afraid… we didn’t look clearly enough,” admitted Gregson.

“Well if it is lost, it is lost. But it would have made a difference!”

“How in the world cigarette ash is going to help you?” said Watson and regretted it immediately.

“You know my method. It is founded upon the observation of trifles.”

Lestrade coughed. “The cab is waiting Sir.”

“Grab your hat and coat Watson. The game is afoot...”

On which of his teachers does Doyle base the character of Sherlock Holmes?

Who adorned Sherlock Holmes with a deer stalker hat and his pipe and lens?

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