It is almost nine o' clock. In another few moments a group of young people with long white shirts and a strange toy around their necks will start coming in. This is what happens daily and I lie in wait for them.

I am not the only one in the room. it is a big hall like room with quite a few beds occupied by other children. Some of them have strange tubes and contraptions running into their bodies. Also there are some nice women dressed in white. I love them. They are the ones who come to me every morning and wash and bathe me. Then they put a glass tube in my armpit and with a hand on my wrist they look intently at their own wrist. I find their behavior quite strange as I am not able to comprehend what they may be doing. But then they take me in their arms and we go roaming in the room.

I am back in the bed by the time the young people come. They just stand around my cot and admire me. Of course, I don't lie still. They laugh at my antics and proceed to pat me and pinch me. Now this pinching I don't like. They think they are being nice to me, but it hurts, specially when they pull my cheeks. I can't speak so I cry. And I make sure that I cry loudly. This makes those women in white angry and they are scolded. Serves them right! When I don't feel like playing, I simply pretend to sleep. But these people, they come and tickle me and seem disappointed. I open one of my eyes and look at them. But they never know. And after sometime they go away.

I have often heard the word orphan from them when they are talking to me. I wonder what it means? Also most of the times they are giving me things to grasp. I don't take them. Or even if I do, it goes straight into my mouth. I think it is for the purpose of judging my intelligence. But I am much more intelligent than they think I am. That is how I always get things done my way. Ain't I smart?

One more thing that I have noticed is that all the other children have someone with them whom they address as mother. Don't I have one? Because she's the one who looks after them, feeds them, talks them, solves their problems and I have to rely on the women in white whom I have incidentally heard are called sisters.

The children here are not good to me. They come and play with me if they want to, but I can't. I haven't learned how to walk as yet. Some of them are really bad. Someone had brought me some new clothes and toys to play with and these children stole them. All of them. Now I have got only one set of clothes and no toys to play with. I wonder why they did that. I would never do such a thing.

I am beginning to pick up a few things now. they say that when I had come here I was very ill. I guess that's why people fuss so much over me. Sometimes I like it, sometimes I don't. I don't know how long I am going to stay here. All I wish is my mother would come and take me away. I want to be like other kids. I want to play, study and I would like to have someone whom I can call mine...

Nishant Kumar.

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