1863 Five Weeks in a Balloon.

1864 A Journey to the Center of the Earth.

1865 Part I. From the Earth to the Moon and

the Trip Round It.

1870 Part II.

1866 Captain Hatteras.

1868 The Children of Captain Grant.

1870 Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.

1871 A Floating City.

1871 Meridiana: Adventures of Three Englishman and Three Russians.

1873 Around the World in 80 Days.

1874 Doctor Ox (Short Stories)

1875 The Mysterious Island.

1875 The Chancellor.

1876 Michael Strogoff.

1877 Child of the Cavern.

1877 Hector Servadac.

1878 The Boy Captain.

1879 The Begum's Fortune.

1879 The Tribulations of a Chinaman.

1880 The Steam House.

1881 The Giant Raft.

1882 The School for Robinsons.

1882 The Green Ray.

1883 Keraban the Inflexible.

1884 The Archipelago on Fire.

1884 The Vanished Diamond.

1885 Mathias Sandorf.

1886 Clipper of Clouds.

1886 The Lottery Ticket.

1887 The Flight to France.

1887 North against south.

1888 Adrift in the Pacific.

1889 The Purchase of the North Pole.

1889 A Family Without a Name.

1890 Cesar Cascabel.

1891 Mistress Branican.

1892 Castle in the Carpathians.

1893 Claudius Bombarnac.

1893 Foundling Mick.

1894 The Adventures of Antifer.

1895 The Propeller Island.

1896 For the Flag.

1897 Sphinx on Ice.

1899 The Eccentric's Will.

1900 The Second Fatherland.

1901 The Aerial Village.

1901 The Tales of Jean-Marie Cabidoulin.

1901 The Kipp Brothers.

1904 Master of the World.

1905 The Lighthouse at the End of the World.

Posthumously Published:

The Golden Volcano

Thomson & Co.

Secrets of Wilhelm Storitz

Yesterday and Tomorrow

The Astonishing Adventure of the Barsac Mission


1867-1868 Illustrated Geography of France.

1878-1880 The Discovery of the Earth.

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