Programming Tutorials
(& a few other tutorials you might need for your class work...)

Just Your Average Programmer

"He survived on candy, junk food and Jolt cola, the "high-energy" diet
purportedly recommended by Lenz for productivity and fighting off entities.
He slept only three or four hours a night."

- Comments about a former follower of Frederick Lenz, a self-styled spiritual leader,
who urged his followers to go into computer programing

General Programming
Planet Source Code
Brainbench - Test Your Skills
The Web Developer's Virtual Library
Programmer's Oasis
ToonTalk - Making programming child's play
Programmers' Heaven's Department of Computer Languages & Scripts
Webmonkey's Introduction to Programming
Digital Producer Magazine

Basic Computer Skills (For New Computer Users)
Basic Computer Skills for Teachers
Windows Primer
Windows 98 Tutorial
Windows 95 Tutorial
Internet Basic Course
Bare Bones 101 (Basic Tutorial for searching the web.)
The Interactive Search Engine Tutorial
A Beginner's Guide to the Mac
Intro to Windows NT

Webmonkey's Unix Reference Guide
IU's Linux Tutorial
Linux Installation and Getting Started
UNIX/Linux Tutorial Site
Troubleshooters.Com's Linux Library
Linux Survival
Little Igloo's Linux Tutorial
Mandrake Linux Tutorial
Quick Linux Tutorial
Debian Linux Tutorial
University of Sydney's UNIX Tutorial
University of Sydney's Linux Tutorial
"Tutorial" A Cup of Java -- With Two Lumps of Linux
Getting Started with Linux

DOS - Disk Operating System
ms-dos tutorial
A quick and simple DOS Tutorial
Tutor.COM - DOS Tutorial
DOS (Batch) Primer
Microsoft Windows and MS-DOS Tutorials
Batfiles: The DOS batch file programming handbook
FreeDOS Command

Perl - a Perl5 CGI Library
NCSA's PERL Tutorial
Perl Tutorials, Manuals, References

Prolog Tutorial
Prolog :- Tutorial
Introduction to Prolog
Prolog Programming, A First Course
CMU Prolog Repository
Visual Prolog Homepage
Strawberry Prolog
The Prolog Programming Language
GNU Prolog
WWWVL's Prolog Info

Assembly Language
The Art of Assembly
Assembly Language Tutorial

Microsoft Excel
Microsoft's Excel Tutorial
Basic Excel Tutorial
The Spreadsheet Page
John F. Lacher CPA's Excel Help Page

Microsoft Word
Microsoft's Word Tutorial
Microsoft Word Tutorial
PSU's Word 97 Tutorial
Word Info
Inside Microsoft Word

Microsoft Powerpoint
Microsoft's Powerpoint Tutorial
UofRI's Powerpoint Tutorial
Office 97 Powerpoint Tutorial
Powerpoint In the Classroom
Introduction to PowerPoint 4.0
Getting started with Powerpoint
Introduction To Powerpoint - Exercises (PDF)

Microsoft Access
M. Brydon's Access Tutorial
Access Database: Tutorial Introduction
CVOC's Access Tutorial
Gaining Access
Examware's Access Tutorials
Microsoft's Access Tutorial

Writing HTML
HTML Writers Guild
CWRU's Introduction to HTML
HTML: An Interactive Tutorial for Beginners
Webmonkey's HTML Basics
HTML Primer
Webspawner's HTML Reference Guide
HTML Basics 101

HOWTO: An Overview of Pascal
Pascal Programming v2.1
Turbo Pascal Programmers Page
Using BMP image files with Pascal (bmp.txt).

C++ Tutorial
HOWTO: Get Started with C/C++
Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming Using C++
From the Ground Up: A Guide to C++
UK C++ Users Group's Tutorials

Visual C++

Downloadable Visual C++ Tutorial
Microsoft Visual C++ Home Page
Visual C++ Developers Journal
Visual C++ Resources
Downloadable Visual C++ Tutorial

C++ Builder
Borland's C++ Builder Homepage
The Bits
FunctionX's C++ Builder Tutorial
BOB's Borland C++ Builder Tutorial
Yet Another Code Site
Dr.Bob's C++ Builder Gate
C++ Builder Developer's Journal

Visual Basic
Microsoft's Visual Basic Tutorial
Joe Garrick's World of Visual Basic
Visual Basic Cyber Tutorial
Carl & Gary's Newbie Page
Visual Basic Online
Visual Basic Tutorials For Kids
Downloadable Visual Basic Tutoral
Inside Visual Basic

SUN's Java Tutorial
The Java Tutorial!
Java Coffee Break
SUN's JAVA Foundation Classes
YoYo - Java for Kids
Webmonkey's Programming Java
Webmonkey's Programming Javascript

Visual J++
Microsoft Visual J++
Visual J++ Online Programmers' Guide
Visual J++ Online Documentation
Microsoft's Visual J++ Tutorials
An Introduction to Java Programming - Developing Applets Using J++

COBOL User Groups
Cobol Tutorial @ Univ of Limerick
Object Oriented COBOL Tutorial
The COBOL Center
COBOL Down & Dirty's Office Of COBOL
The COBOL Shop

Visible Analyst
Visible Systems' Visible Analyst Users Discussion Group
Samoore's tutorial
Visible Analyst Operation Manual

1 day AutoCAD Page
UNSW's Tutorial
SBU's Tutorial
CSA's Tutorial
UOS's Tutorial
Taloring AUTOCAD

3D Cafe
The Bryce Chronicles
Bryce Magic
Darryl Walter's Tutorial
Hinchu's Bryce Resources

Poser's tutorial
3D Cafe

3D Max
3D Cafe's Tutorial
3rd Dimersion
UNSW's Tutorial

Lightwave3D's Tutorials
Modeling and texturing a photorealistic fish
Lightwave Tutorials List

Artificial Intelligence
AI Programming Resources
AI Programming Languages FAQs
AI Programming Links & Resources
Essence of Artificial Intelligence
CMU Artificial Intelligence Repository
Programming Languages for AI
What are good programming languages for AI?
Databases and Artificial Intelligence 3
Hardware/software for AI
Classical AI Programs
CU's Artificial Intelligence Tutorial
What Is AI?
AI Depot

Programming Games
AGI Studio
(AGI Studio is a program which allows you to view, create and edit AGI games)
So You Want To Be A Game Developer?
SiMPLE - Kids' Game Programming Lang
Artificial Intelligence In Games
Game Developer Magazine Game Creation Systems
(ZZT {Epic Megagames' Tim Sweeney}, OHR RPG Creation Engine, Megazeux, Game Builder Lite, Adventure Game Studio, etc.)

As the venerable Descartes almost said...

...But immediately upon this I observed that, whilst I thus wished to program that all was false,
it was absolutely necessary that I, who thus coded, should be somewhat; and as I observed that
this truth, I Code, therefore I am, was so certain and of such evidence that no ground of doubt,
however extravagant, could be alleged by the sceptics capable of shaking it,I concluded that I might,
without scruple, accept it as the first principle of the philosophy of which I was in search....


*Programmer's Curse* - "May they who program badly, dream nothing but code."

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