KSU Computer Science Lab

Welcome to the home of KSU Computer Science Lab.
We are located at 320 Hathaway Hall on the Kentucky State University campus in Frankfort, Kentucky.
Our Fall/Spring hours are from 8:30am - 8:00pm (MTWR) & 8:00am - 5:30pm (F)
Our Summer hours are from 8:30am - 5:30pm (MTWRF)

The lab is equipped with Pentium IV 3Ghz systems.
The main lab contains systems running under the Windows XP operating system.
We also have a multimedia station equipped with a scanner, digital camera,
and photo editing software.

As requested a few pics of the lab until the camera is up and running.

N/A @ the moment....sorry.

In Remembrance

James D Murphy
Rest In Peace Brother...

Early on the morning of September 4th, 2003, Big Jim passed away from this mortal realm
from injuries sustained in a motorcycle wreck in early August. Those who knew
him will never forget him…those who didn’t will regret never having had the chance. RIP, Big Jim.

A few of Jim's webpages...
KSU Biker - The Home Page of James D. Murphy

For Your Information:

- Interested in joining the Computer Science Club? Contact Mr. James Carigan.

- In case of bad weather, call 502-597-6000 to see if classes are cancelled for that day.

- All KSU campus visitors are required to display a visitor parking pass in their vehicle in order to park on campus.
These passes are available through the University Police Department (502-597-6878) in the Exum building.

Come and worship your sys adm on July 30, 2004!

Need Help?
Online Assistance
Programming & Other Tutorials
Linux/Unix Commands
Programming Software Buying Guide
Disk Operating System (DOS) Commands
Linux Links & Tutorials

Need a break?
Online Entertainment
Join Us In The Lab's Chat Room
Go to the Lab's Message Board
The Labrats' Collection of Computer Jokes & Quotes.

Requested Information:
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The Official KSU Website
Department of Computer and Technical Sciences
Campus Email
Capus Directory
Map of the Campus

Seek and ye shall find...

Plus, Other Search Engines

The Official Home Of The KSU Labrats!!

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