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SandDancr's Quote of the Day:
A bright smile and warm hug to all......Have a wonderful day!

SandDancr's Jukebox
NEW MIDIS ADDED!!! Music has always been a passion. I grew up on Classical and Big Band, 50's and 60's Rock, and Jazz. Yes, kiddies....I am that old! Some of the tunes here are old favorites....some are new. This page will be changing and growing!
In Honor of Diana
A tribute to Diana, Princess of Wales. We, the world, lost a great humanitarian, .....but her legacy lives on in her sons.

50th Anniversary
A tribute to my parents' 50th Wedding Anniversary!
Poets' Corner,  The Gallery
and My Mother's Art Gallery

Meet some of my talented friends and see their work! Original poetry from One Loose Brick, Northern Mornings, Thumper,Jodie Van Wyhe and Linda Hoult. Short stories from XSA Frank, Photography from Son of Beach and my Mothers' art are featured in The Gallery.
Dolphins, Whales and Us
This page is dedicated to my brother, Pierre, for the beauty of his films and for bringing public awareness to the plight of these gentle sea creatures.
Original Graphics!. SandDancr Studios has moved. Please visit it at: FREE Borders, backgrounds, button and bars. Web Design, too!
All about Me
Just a few words about me, my son, the things I'm interested in, the places I've been. Don't forget to check the The Attic....for additional photos and memories.
I have so many interests...this is a true mixed bag. It will also be may Add-a Link, if you'd like. I'll take a look at them all..
WebRings and Organizations
Chat....Now Here!!
For those of you who are 40 + ....sorry kiddos....there is a chat room here. It's simple to use...Instructions are included. And you might even find me there !
Suggestions, comments?
Sign the guest book....please! I'll visit everyone who does! Your comments and suggestion will only help to improve this site...all input is welcome!


I love feedback! Please sign my guestbook.

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