Jerri Pierpont

I grew up as a child knowing there was someone greater than I who had to have control over things. I mean, just take one look at this beautiful complex world and you have to know there is a God. I went to church on my own and got to know Jesus pretty well. I knew He loved me and wanted to share His life with me and mine with Him (pretty much like friends huh?) As I grew older, I even invited the boy I wanted to date to church. After we got married however, we decided there was too much hypocrisy in church and we could do just as well by ourselves. Soon we forgot all about Jesus. God loved me though and reminded me (through the recesses of my mind) that He loved me the way I was and He loved the hypocrites too. He loved me so much He just couldn't leave me that way. So I asked Him to forgive me and take control of my life and He did!
Madge Walleck

I remember the day God spoke to me and I responded by asking His forgiveness, repenting and inviting him into my heart. My life has never been the same. There has been times when I have failed Him, but He has "NEVER" failed me. He has always forgiven me, lifted me up and helped me to be stronger in my walk with Him. All I am or ever will be is and will be made possible by my Heavenly Father through Jesus my Saviour.
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