"You know, maybe this quantum leaping isn't such a bad deal after all. Getting a chance to put things right, to make the world a better place - who knows what I can accomplish before I'm done."

--Sam Beckett, Genesis

Al: Sam, Sam, you are a scientist named Sam Beckett Dr. Sam Beckett.

Sam: Beckett, I knew a Sam Beckett, back in Elk Ridge Illinois.

Al: Indiana.

Sam: Indiana.

Dr. Masters: Who's Sam Beckett?

Sam: Just a boy I knew a long time ago.

Al: Yeah you were a boy, and then you grew up, and then you built a time machine.

Dr. Masters: Is he a friend of yours?

Al: Called Project Quantum Leap.

Sam: I don't remember.

Al: And when you completed it, you tried an experiment that sent you travelling back through time ah reliving little pieces of other peoples lives.

--Shock Theater

"...you're part of a time-travel experiment that went... a little ca-ca."

--Al, Genesis

"This isn't fair... Sam! A beautiful body like that and I'm just thinking pure thoughts! Damnit!"

--Al, talking about the blonde walking by, The Leap Back

Donna: If only you were a little ...

Sam: Little younger?

Donna: Or I was a little older.

Sam: You will be.

--Star Crossed

Tom: Magic's got a sixth sense.

Al: Yeah, you could call me that.


Sam: Hello Bay-bee!

Al: Don't do that!

Sam: Revenge is mine, thus sayeth the hologram!

--The Leap Back

Sam: Who are you?

Al: I'm Al, I'm your buddy, I gave you your first break and you're the only person who believed in me when I gave up believing in myself, you brought me on this project.

--Shock Theater

Al: Oh man, that looks good!

Sam (eating a burger): Want a bite? Oh, sorry, you're a hologram.

--Camikazi Kid

Sam: Well, Ziggy you're looking very user friendly.

Ziggy: I see that simo-leaping with Admiral Calavicci has had a positive effect on you. You're in for some pleasant surprises Dr. Elesee.

--The Leap Back

Maggie: Where do I bunk?

Al: My place?


"Excuse me Mr chairman, but if you kill this project you will end one of the greatest adventures mankind has ever undertaken, and more importantly, you will leave a brave man back there alone."

--Al, Honeymoon Express

Gooshie: Hang on.

Al: To WHAT?

--Mirror Image

Sam: Do you have any data on Admiral Calavicci?

Ziggy: He'll kiss the girls and make them cry.

Tina: Oh, ain't that the truth.

--The Leap Back

"She knew ... she knew how I liked my burger. Shove that up your gauge circuits Ziggy."

--Sam in Star Crossed

Sam: Look Al, I've been leaping around putting right whatever God or fate or time or whoever it is that's leaping me around wants put right, why?

Al: Well you got a lot of boy scout in you Sam and... well because with luck one of these loops might be your leap home.

Sam: I am home.

Al: No, this is not...

Sam: Yes I am.

Al: Well it might have been in 69' but this is not 1969!

Sam: It is to me, Al, I think I'm beeing rewarded,

Al: Well that might be true, but ziggy says there's a 90..

Sam: I don't give a damn what that hybrid computer says, I can save my father and my brother's life and change my sister's for the better, now if you were in my shoes what would you do?

--The Leap Home

"Am I ever wrong?!...marriages don't count."

--Al, Leaping without a Net

Mike: You think a one-legged man could do that move?

Al: Uh, sure, if you could drive this truck... worst thing that could happen is that you'd end up on your butt.

--about the kick, The Leap Back

"Sam, I'm the one who thinks with his glands, not you!"

--Al, Vietnam

"Actually, I was doing quite well absorbing the year until Franklin Delano Roosevelt died...it depressed me."

--Ziggy, The Leap Back

"Oh, she stripped... SHE STRIPPED?! SHE STRIPPED AND I MISSED IT! Sam, I'm supposed to be the observer on this project, I should've been here to observe it."

--Al, Maybe Baby

You're a looney toon
In a big white room
And I'm a hologram
From the future
And I'm moving fast
Back into the past
And I've got to say
I'm pleased to meet ya'!
Because you're my man
And I've got some thing that you can understand
You've got to the power
To write and read
To say that's guaranteed.
I'm gonna give you what you need!

--Rapmaster Al, Shock Theater


Sam: You're not old Dad, you look just the way I remember you.

John: What, since you left for school this morning?

--The Leap Home

"If you look into my eyes, you'll see another soul."

--Sam, Star Crossed

"Just remember, you've got an ace in the hole, me."

--Al, Vietnam

"I believe your brain is still slightly magnafluxed, Dr. Beckett... or you'd remember, I never experience guilt. That's a flaw only found in human computers. Good night, Doctor... have fun you two."

--Ziggy, The Leap Back

"Sam, wake up and smell the seventies, you're looking at genuine 100% high grade virgin polyester - the only thing that got me more women was my spacesuit."

--Al, Disco Inferno

Sam: So I'm a good guy?

Al: Yeah. You're a *damned* good guy!

--Shock Theater

Sam: Stawpah was a leaper!

Gooshie: Stawpah was Ukrainian.

--Mirror Image

"Uh oh, Sam, I think I killed it"

--Al after pounding the handlink, The Great Spontini

Sam: Ziggy!

Donna: It won't do you any good.

Sam: Why did I give him Barbara Streisand's ego?

--The Leap Back

"Don't do anything I wouldn't do - but if you do, take pictures."

--Al, Southern Comfort

Katie: Lisa asked him to the dance after the game on Saturday and you know what Sam did?

Sam: Katie!

Katie: He ran away!

Al: Figures.

--The Leap Home

"Hey! hey it's midnight, it's April the 9th and I'm still alive! Thanks to you, little brother."

--Tom Beckett, Vietnam

Sam: Al, come on, we don't know that this guy is crazy. Right? I mean, look at me. I'm standing here, I'm dressed like a giant tv dinner talking to a hologram. Now, what does that make me?

Al: Excentric.

--Future Boy

Sam: What do you got on Al?

Ziggy: He's 175.26 centimeters tall, weighs 70.91...

Sam: Ziggy!

Ziggy: Yes, Doctor?

Sam: Give me what I want, baby!

Ziggy: Ooh, if you weren't my FATHER!

--The Leap Back

Sam: We all wonder sometimes if we're doing the right thing. I guess all you can do is just believe that you'll make a difference in the long run.

Father Mac: Do you think you will?

Sam: Well, I wouldn't be here if I didn't.

--Leap of Faith

Sam: Al...don't leave me...

Al: I won't, Sam.

--Shock Theater

"The lives you touched, touched others. And those lives, others. You've done a lot of good, Sam Beckett."

--Bartender Al, Mirror Image

Al: I told you - it's Flash.

Sam: Al, you've been certain about 3 different people.

Al: But this time I'm really certain.

--Glitter Rock

Ziggy: Why do human beings die for love?

Sam: Check Shakespeare.

Ziggy: Thank you, Doctor.

Sam: Not now!

Ziggy: Why not? With a million gigabyte capacity I'm quite capable of rubbing my tummy, patting my head, and doing a trillion floating point operations at once.

--The Leap Back

"He's spitting out everything in Japanese. That's what you get for feeding him foreign microchips."

--Al about Ziggy, Disco Inferno

Sam: Just...Just tell me what I have to do.

Al: I don't know.

Sam: You don't know?

Al: All Ziggy's come out with so far is a code name operation 'Lazarus' and the casualty lists and I don't even know the objective. The SEALs operations were all classified top-secret and...

Sam: You got top-secret clearance!

Al: ...and it took place over 25 years ago! All of those old records are buried in an old Pentagon computer and Ziggy's having trouble interfacing with it, it's like trying to get two members of the U.N to talk without a translator.

Sam: Well you tell Ziggy he better interface, cause I really don't give a damn about the mission, all I care about is my brother Al.


"Why would a cop bring his gun and handcuffs on his honeymoon? ...I'm thinking like Al!"

--Sam, looking at Diane, Honeymoon Express

Bartender Al: Where would you like to go, Sam?

Sam: Home.

--Mirror Image

Suzanne : And every time Clifford kissed me. I'd close my eyes and pretend it was you.

Al: Take a hike, Mr. Morals... Calavicci's taking over!

--The Leap Back

Sam: I take lots of things seriously.

Rachel: Name two.

Sam: Quantum physics and time travel.

--Good Morning, Peoria

"This here is the sub-atomic structure of a quark -- What the hell is a quark?!?"

--Sam (as "Jesse"), Shock Theater

"What would you do if you ran into a girl you had a crush on 25 years ago? ... Don't answer that!"

--Sam to Al, The Leap Home

Sam: God I wish he was here.

Donna: I know.

Sam: So I could kick his butt!

--talking about Al, The Leap Back

"Some people believe in Fate, that nothing we do, for better or for worse, can change the course of our lives - but after leaping about in time I've seen that just the opposite is true, sometimes you can right things that went wrong, and miracles can happen."

--Sam, Jimmy

"Sam! you get to use your own name this time."

--Al, Shock Theater

Clifford: What are my mother and father going to say about that?

Sam: Cancel the church... cancel the reception... cancel the tux, the cake...

--The Leap Back

Maggie: Pulitzer

Al: She could see me!


"You tell Ziggy that if he doesn't center me on Sam right now, I'm going to feed his sex Century microchips to Tina's crocodile!"

--Al, A Portrait For Troian

Sam: Al, you didn't!

Al: Sam!

Suzanne: Who?

Sam: How could you! ... of course how could you not.

--The Leap Back

"You hear that, whoever you are, where ever you are - I QUIT."

--Sam, The Leap Home

Sam: I don't have a temperature...I don't need any more tests today... oh okay, go ahead. Arrrrrrrr....

Al: Sam, I don't think she's gonna put it in your mouth.

--The Wrong Stuff

Nurse: Sam it's Nurse Chatam Sam, can you recognize Freddie?

Sam: Freddie?

Freddie: Sure we're old buddies right?

Nurse: Want to say hello Sam? You know where you are Sam?

Al: Of course he knows where he is, I just told him. Sam

tell them you know who you are, so they won't think you're a nutcase.

Sam: I'm a nutcase?

--Shock Theater

Theresa: Are you angels?

Al: Yes. Sam: No. (simultaneously)

Al: This is angel Sam, and I'm angel Al.

--Another Mother

"Look, we need to talk alone, okay? Where's a Men's Room when you need one."

--Sam, The Leap Back

It's an angel!

Not in those clothes!

--Children in church, upon seeing Al, Justice

Sam: The Pulitzer, I wish she won the Pulitzer prize.

Al: She did, for her last photograph.


Al: SAM!

Al: Feel better?

Sam: No! No I don't feel better. It's not fair, Al. I mean, c'mon. It's not fair.

Al: Well, I think ... I think it's damn fair.

Sam: What?!

Al: I'd give anything to see my father and my sister for a few days. To be able to talk with them again. Laugh with them. Tell them how much I love them. I'd give anything to have what you have, Sam. Anything.

--The Leap Home

Al: Oh Sam, not the head again - every time we leap in we've gotta go talk in the mens room, it's disgusting.

Sam: Can you think of anywhere better to talk?

Al: The ladies room.

--Pool Hall Blues

"In an apparent double su... double su... ... icide...suicide, a double suicide!"

--Sam, on the handlink, The Leap Back

Bartender Al: Suppose you were a priest.

Sam: I WAS a priest.

Bartender Al: So you were. If the priesthood had been your *chosen* life ...

--Mirror Image

Sam: Why even bother?

Al: Because that's what we do, we're professional botherers.

--A Single Drop Of Rain

"Ah ah Sam all we have to do if figure out why you're here, and then all you have to do is what you have to do, and then you get the hell out of here."

--Al, Shock Theater

Al: Sam!

Sam: What am I doing?

Al: You Dog!

Sam: Well, it's your filthy mind!

Al: Well, I want my mind back! These choir boy thoughts are driving me nuts!

Sam: Well they didn't seem to stop you a few minutes ago.

--The Leap Back

Sam: Who would have the best reason to kill Jake?

Al: Oh! Does he have any ex-wives...


"Whatever Sam's drinking, I'll have one!"

--Voice in the bar crowd, in response to Sam describing a leap, Mirror Image

Sam: Damnit, Ziggy! Tell me something I don't know!

Ziggy: Tina is having an affair with Gooshie.

--The Leap Back

"I don't care what he says! I don't have to help anybody do anything I don't, I don't!"

--Sam, Shock Theater

"Mmm... GREAT legs, Doctor."

--Ziggy to Sam, The Leap Back

"Gooshie, this isn't working, I'm getting dizzy!"

--Al, in the Imaging Chamber, Mirror Image

Al: Are we in the head-pounding stage, or in the spinning rising waves of nausea?

Sam: Take your pick.

--The Last Gunfighter

Sam: I can't let him die.

Donna: And I can't let you go.

--The Leap Back

"Gooshie! get Dr. Beeks on the seen as soon a possible. We got problems, bigtime."

--Al, Shock Theater

Sam: Ziggy!

Ziggy: Yesssssssss?

Sam: Do you have enough...

Ziggy: ...data to give you a reasonable, accurate projection as to why Admiral Calavicci has leapt into Crown Pointe, Indiana in the year 1945?

Sam: Yes!

Ziggy: No.

--The Leap Back

"I was born roughly the same time I cam through that door."

--Sam, Mirror Image

Sam: Al, you hear it's gonna work Al! I'm gonna change the future.

Al: I hope so, Sam I hope so. But in the meantime you got to be at basketball practice in 30 minutes.

Sam: I'm not going to basketball practice.

Al: Why? Don't you wanna see your old buddies again, shoot some hoops with Sibby and Jerky?

Sam: Herky...

Al: Herky.

Sam: That would be great. It's all like a dream Al.

Al: Well you better enjoy it, before you wake up.

Sam: Ok, Ok, but I'm not playing in that game on Friday.

Al: Why not?!

Sam: Cause I don't wanna leap that's why not!

Al: Then you don't really believe you're here to help your family?

Sam: Course I do.

Al: Then why are you worried about leaping?

--The Leap Home

Sam: How many times has Al saved my life?

Ziggy: 23.

--The Leap Back

"I came from very far away to help your mother, and I don't think I would've been brought here if I couldn't do the job."

--Sam, to Sammy Jo, Trilogy part 3

"It doesn't really matter what other people do, or say. What matters is what you know in here about yourself and about others, because the most important person you have to listen to is you."

--Sam, The Last Gunfighter

Sam: Oh my Go--, you've got a filthy mind!

Al: YOU'RE the one saying all the dirty things!

--The Leap Back

"What are you gonna do with that pie? Sam...What are you gonna do with that..."

--Al when Sam tries to smash a pie in the holgrams face, Stand-Up

Al: Sam, don't tell me... you think she's an angel.

Sam: I ran over her with my car and she's alive.

Al: Give me a shot at her and see how she comes out.

--It's a Wonderful Leap

"..he said 'take me to your leader' so I turned him over to Gooshie and told him he was king of the planet Halitosis."

--Al, Star Light, Star Bright

Sam: Do you know what this means?

Al: What?

Sam: It's MY turn to slip into the powder room like the Invisible Man...it's my turn.

--The Leap Back

"I won't forget you."

--Sammy Jo, Trilogy part 3

Al: Al, my name is Al...

Sam: Al what?

Al: You think I've forgotten my last name?

Sam: I'm about to bet on it.

Al: Well, you'd lose...it's Beckett...Al Beckett.

Sam: It's Calavicci...Al Calavicci.

Al: Calavicci? It's not Beckett?

Sam: No.

Al: Well, then who the hell is Beckett?

Sam: Me...I'm Beckett.

--The Leap Back

Sam: Where the hell have you been? I almost died in the electric chair.

Al: Sam, it's not always so easy to find you... it's not like you're lost in a mall - you're lost in time.

--Last Dance Before An Execution

"There's some women that get a thrill out of watching men suffer. Trust me on this, I've been married to most of them."

--Al in Heart Of A Champion

"I want you to wait for me Beth... don't give up on me...'cause I'm alive out there, and I'm only alive because of our love...and some day - oh Beth, some day I'm gonna come back home to you."

--Al, MIA

"Ok, Al... get ready to leap!"

--Sam, The Leap Back

Al: What the hell, I get repatriated in 5 years.

Sam: You could have been free!

Al: I was free. Up here (pointing to his head) I was always free.


"Whatever it takes, I'll get you out of this."

--Al, Mirror Image

Bartender Al: Where would you like to go, Sam?

Sam: Home. I'd like to go home. But I can't, can I? I've got a wrong to put right for Al. You knew that, didn't you?

Bartender Al: God bless, Sam.

--Mirror Image

Beth never remarried.
She and Al have four daughters
and will celebrate their 39th
wedding anniversary in June.

Dr. Sam Beckett Never returned home.

--The End, Mirror Image




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