IN HONOR.....................

This is a photo of my father, Virgil Wills, along with our 17-year-old son, Justin.. They were like peas in a pod in relation to anything SPORTS-oriented!! The photo was taken in April 2001 at my parents' home in Chandler, Arizona (near Phoenix) when Justin and our oldest daughter were there for 2-1/2 weeks a grandpa and grandma's.

My dad was abandoned by his parents on the streets at not quite 2 yrs of age in December--right in the middle of a Minnesota winter.. He went on to be placed in a state orphanage where beatings were the norm.. He ran away when he was 17 and lived in an attic room while he worked and put himself through high school. Dad was a near mathematical genius, who could do higher trigonometry problems in his head and who had a photographic memory, but he was unable to afford college when he graduated high school in 1941.

When WWII came, he joined the Navy and was happy to have a warm bed and food for almost the first time in his life...!

As a Navy frogman aboard a minesweeper, he rescued approximately 50 downed airman in the Pacific Ocean over the course of his time in the Navy and he was at Okinawa, on board ship, during that battle. Approximately July 1945, his minesweeper was bombed by a suicide bomber.. The last thing he remembers, prior to waking up in a Navy hospital ship, was seeing his best friend, manning the gun next to him, killed.

Dad spent the next 5 yrs in and out of Navy hospitals. They told him he'd never walk again due to the muscle damage in his legs. But dad showed them differently! It was in that VA hospital he met my mom, who was then a USO volunteer. They were married September 4, 1954.

On March 4, 2002, approximately 5:30 pm Mountain Time, Dad went home to be with the Lord, whom he had known and served for 43 years, after a nearly 4-week-long stay at Chandler Regional Hospital, the last week and one-half spent in intensive care... He had battled polymyalgia rheumatica for about 4 yrs longer than most people do and he had triple pneumonia to boot, which he could not overcome and his kidneys began to fail.

I was able to be in Phoenix from February 18-March 1, 2002, along with Justin and my daughter, Emilee, adopted from China.. Emilee was not able to go up to the room to see her grandpa as there was an RSV warning at the hospital, and the only thing I regret about my time there was that Dad kept asking to see his granddaughter and couldn't. But I was able to say good-bye and make peace with his situation.

If Dad knew I was doing this, he would have a fit--he never liked much public attention but I'm doing it anyway, Dad!! You deserve it! We have the assurance that one day we will see Dad again in Heaven..

PSALM 116:15, Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints.

This is one of the two programs from my dad's memorial service in Tempe, Arizona, March 7, 2002. The scripture verse on the left was his favorite and one he would quote often. Dad truly believed that no matter what the circumstances, God WOULD supply all his needs, and He was faithful to my dad in that respect!

Here's a link to a picture of our house --it was built sometime in mid-1913--the photo was taken in 1968.

We just love our house! About the only thing we DON'T like is the fact it has faded pea-soup-green aluminum siding--we hope one day to remove it and get the house back to the way it was 90 yrs ago....

Also check out this page for my favorite "old house" links..

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This is in honor and support of our good friends and allies in the UK and in remembrance of those who lost their lives in the tragic events of 7/7/2005.

A hundred years from now it will not matter what my bank account was, what sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove... but the world maybe different because I was important in the life of a child.

Author unknown

Welcome to our homepage!! We're glad you stopped by and hope you find something helpful, useful and/or enjoyable!!

Our family consists of dad, mom, and nine wonderful children who have come into our family by both birth and international adoption.. This page is dedicated to each of our adoption stories and our hope is that someone reading this may perhaps be encouraged to consider international adoption themselves...We trust this will be an encouragement to many as they see that, yes, families who already have children in the home can adopt and that they can see what a joy and a blessing it is to be an adoptive family. Not a day goes by that we don't lift up a prayer of thanks to the Lord, Who has certainly made our family what it is...and we are also daily, continuously grateful to the folks we worked with for our adoptions, to Korea, China and Hong Kong for allowing us the rivilege it is to adopt their precious children, truly a country's most valued resource, and to those who cared for our children before they came home to us. Our lives are enriched not only by our children, but by the privilege of being a multi-racial family and all that comes to us because of celebrating two different heritages in our home and also by the many wonderful friends we've met--a lot of them on the internet!!--simply because of our being an adoptive family!

And we'd certainly be remiss if we didn't mention our little poodles--we tell people it's like having 8 extra kids: Scooter, Nugget, Skipper, Muffie Too, Snickers, Biscuit, Peanuts, Truffles and Cooters (our newest--he's a chocolate/white parti poodle!!) bring joy to the entire family with their unconditional love.. We had to say good-bye in July 1999 to Muffin, the first "baby" we had, when he was 16-1/2 years old. The grieving continues for this precious, valued member of the family who is now in our hearts, though not physically with us. Please visit our webpage devoted mainly to honoring Muffin's memory and also to talk about the little guys who remain with us! We can't imagine not having our "babies" with us..they're so spoiled we tell people jokingly that they "own the house & just let us live there"!!!

We know many people must think we're certainly off our collective rockers--9 children, lots of pets..."How do you do it?" we're often asked.. Well, we're a family who operates as a team..our "big kids" as one of our younger children calls them, are the best! We couldn't do it without them and our youngest 6 adore their big brothers and big sister so much. To watch the interaction between our older children and the little ones is something else...We truly are blessed more than we could ever have imagined we would be."

We are a homeschooling family! Click here to read about why we homeschool and to check out some great links!

Click here to visit the page where we talk about what we believe and why.....

I Samuel 1:26--"For this child I prayed and the Lord has granted the petition which I asked of Him"

Isaiah 43:5--Fear not, for I am with you; I will bring your offspring from the east, and from the west I will gather you."

Emilee's China adoption story, Nanchang, Jiangxi, China, January 1996

Visit this page to see more of Emilee's adventures in our favorite place--HONG KONG!

Kerrie's Korean adoption story, Seoul, Korea, April 1997

Click here to read about Kerrie's trip back to Seoul, Korea to meet her foster mom in May 2000!

Jenna's China adoption story, Nanning, Guangxi, China, May 1998

Nick's Korean adoption story, Inchon City/Seoul, Korea, June 1999

Nathanael's Hong Kong adoption story, February 2001

Caroline's Korean adoption story, Seoul, Korea, April/May 2002

We're a homeschooling family! Click here to read about why we homeschool and check out some fabulous homeschooling links and resources!

This is Kailee. She was adopted from China and has a condition known as "aplastic anemia" . Please visit Kailee's webpage to see how you can help this little girl. Please consider being tested as a potential bone marrow and blood donor! You never know who you could help.

"Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to me." Matthew 25:40

Lots and Lots of Links!

General Links

This is a REALLY NEAT link to a website where my Uncle Dick set up the diary my great-great-great grandmother wrote in the late 1800's, when she and my great-great-great grandfather took a horseback trip through Yellowstone Park...

PKIDS, Parents of Kids With Infectious Diseases

NEPHKIDS Kidney Disease Support Group--for parents of children with all kinds of kidney disease

"You Know You're a Big Family When......." I just love this link....

Great place for Christian-related graphics

Canadian Adoption Links

Open Arms to International Adoption--an agency facilitating adoptions from China

Childrens Bridge, an international agency placing children from China, located in Ontario

A listing of province-by-province adoption agencies in Canada

Families With Children From China-Toronto

Children's and Child-Related Links

Scholastic Books Firefly club for young readers

Timberdoodle--home education supply source

Burts Bees--great skin care products for little ones (and big kids too!)

Knowledge Adventure homepage--great educational software for the computer

The Learning Pages--fun activities

Home School World

Home School-A New Beginning

General Adoption Links

A page with all sorts of ideas for helping finance an adoption

Joint Council on International Children's Services

International Adoption Alliance--great resource with photolistings, "adoption heroes" articles, list of agencies, adoption legislation updates and all sorts of other neat information!


Adoption Travel

Adoptive Families of America

ComeUnity.Com--great resource on many things related to international adoption

Delight Travel--this is the travel agency we've used for several trips to China, Hong Kong and Korea--highly recommended.. Ask for Wyman...

Rainbowkids, international aodption ezine

The Assistant Stork-Laura Morrison's adoption courier service in the DC area

The Ties Program--special adoption-related trips just for adoptive families

US Citizenship and Immigration Services


State Department homepage re. adoption in specific countries

The Adoption Guide is for families who may have had a bad experience with a particular adoption agency OR who want to avoid that!!

International Adoption Dossier Services--two-time China adoptive mom Jill Touloukian's service of compiling dossiers for prospective adoptive families

Ethicanet, a great place to get updated on adoption issues related to legal issues, country status, news issues and a lot of other things.

Adoption-Related Products & Resources

Asia For Kids

Celebrate the Child

Heart and Seoul--this is a fabulous website owned by 4-time Korean adoptive mom, Shari. They have many adoption-related items including adoption announcements, jewelry, t-shirts, etc. We have ordered a lot!!

Adopte-Shoppe.Com--many uniqe adoption-related gift items

Attachment Related Resources

Attach China's page on attachment in adoption

Dr.'s page on attachment and RAD

Human Attachment and Bonding

Older Child Adoption With Susan Ward

Parent Network for the Post-Institutionalized Child

The Unique Challenges of Toddler Adoption

Toddler Adoption: Steps for an Easier Transition

World-Wide Attachment Disorder Website

Cambodia Adoption Links

Cambodia Adoption Connection

China Adoption

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China Connection is a jam-packed website full of any and all information you can imagine re China and China adoption--a newsletter via subscription is also offered on this site. The webmasters of this site, Betty and Bob, have adopted two daughters in China.

Adoption in Jiangxi Province homepage

Bill & Theresa adopted two beautiful little girls from China

Terry & Carolyn's page for Emma Caroline's adoption from Jiangxi Province

The Amstutz family has adopted twice in China and is now adopting from Taiwan

Coming Home: Adopting From China, lots of photos, links, China and adoption-related articles, packing lists, etc.

Families With Children From China

Fly China Low Fare Wizard

China Centre for Adoption Affairs

Personal China Adoption Stories

The Triumph of Hope: China Adoption Stories

The Boyes family adopted Victoria from China!

Jim & Pam welcomed Kaitlyn home from China and they later adopted a 9-year-old son from Hong Kong--come and read all about their adoption journeys!

South China Morning Post newspaper

YMCA Hotels in Hong Kong--great places to stay if you're in HK prior to the adoption! point

China Sprout--multi-aspect website--discussion board, products, columns, all sorts of really neat stuff for the China adoptive family!

USAFamily Website--read about one family's adoption from China--other good resources as well

Janice Williams is a single mom from Alberta, Canada, who adopted Bao from China in 1999

Ethiopian Adoption
The Peck family has two new teen-age daughters from Ethiopia and they've adopted from Cambodia as well

The Bushnell family adopted 5 children from Ethiopia. They live in Australia.

John and Mary have 6 children including 2 sons from South Korea. They are waiting for daughter, Emily, to arrive home from Ethiopia.

Hong Kong Adoption
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The story of our son, Nathanael's, adoption from Hong Kong

Webpage for the Hong Kong Tourist Association--everything you'd want to know about what to do in Hong Kong is right here!

Great website with lots of photos from Hong Kong! (As some can tell, this is one of my favorite places to visit--to be able to adopt a child there is pretty neat we think!)

Mothers Choice--the place where our Nathanael was prior to his joining our family!

India Adoption

The Rollins family is from Australia--they have 4 children from India as well as children from Korea and Taiwan.

ICHILD--India Adoption, Information and Support

Kazakstan Adoption

Bill & Amy adopted Emma and Noah from Kazakhstan in July 2001!!

Korean Adoption

This is a great group to join if you have adopted in Korea or are adopting in Korea: Adopt-Korea-Christian. It's one of the most loving, supportive and caring groups of ladies I have been privileged to be a part of. This list generates a very high volume of email, usually 100+ posts a day, but is well worth it.

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Please join the Korean-Attach email group if you are having attachment and/or adjustment issues with your child adopted from Korea, re. of how old they are now or when they were adopted. This group is only for families who have adopted in Korea already and who are experiencing issues of some kind-this is not for agency personnel or for someone who wants to know more about attachment.

Click to subscribe to korean_attach

Gerald and Kelly adopted their son, Devon, from Korea in November 2002--their extraordinary journey to bringing him home began 10 months earlier and was very rocky--but if you visit this webpage you can see how it was all worth it!

Tom & Linda have six children, including 2 daughters from Korea and a daughter from of their Korean daughters was in the same foster home as our son, Nick!!

Tom & Beth have 7 children, too, including two daughters from China and a daughter from Korea.

Life In Korea--this is a totally jam-packed website---you can learn Korean, order a chop, send a virtual postcard with a Korean scene and more!!

ADOPTING FROM KOREA-A Prospective Parents' Guide to Korean Adoption

also-known-as, an organization of adult Korean adoptees

Association of Korean Adoptees (AKA) Southern California

Korean Focus For Adoptive Families

This is an extraordinary story about a Korean birthmom who was able to locate her adult daughter, adopted from Korea many years prior.

Eastern Social Welfare Society--this is the in-Korea agency both of our children came through

Korea National Tourist Organization

Mission to Promote Adoption in Korea--a website to encourage Korean nationals to adopt--interesting perspective

Korean American Adoptee Adoptive Family Network

Korean-American Historical Society

Sam's homepage--he's a Korean young man who's a student at Rutgers University and has a fabulous homepage!!

John & Mary's homepage for Joshua's and Benjamin's adoptions from Korea

The Korea Society

The Kimchee Club, website for an Australian Korean adoptive families group

Sunny is a KAD (Korean Adoptee) from Norway, now living in Canada--great website with lots of links and interesting info.

Dongari Switzerland--homepage for Korean adoptees in the country of Switzerland

AKF, Sweden

Marshall Islands Adoption

RMI Embassy in the US--lots of great RMI information and resources

Philippines Adoption

Adoption process in the Philippines, with an emphasis on adopting as a Canadian resident

Merisa's adoption story from the Phillipines.

Romanian Adoption

about the book: "A Peacock or a Crow: Stories, Interviews, and Commentaries on Romanian Adoptions" by Victor Groza, Daniela F. Ileana, and Ivor Irwin

Nicoletta's Romanian adoption story

Russian Adoption

Byler Family homepage for their Russian adoption

Taiwan Adoption

Kim was adopted from Taiwan in 1965.

Jim & Linda brought home Ranay from Taiwan!!

Thailand Adoption

Thailand Adoption HomePage

Bob and Pat have two college-age daughters, a daughter from China, a daughter waiting in Vietnam and a son whom they adopted from Thailand.

John & Joy have a new daughter from Thailand! They also have twin sons, adopted in Turkey, as well as a daughter from China! A true international family!!

Ukraine Adoption

The O'Riordan family has a son and daughter from South Korea as well as a son from the Ukraine, who also happens to be of Korean ethnicity--please go to their webpage and read the very touching story of their 4-year struggle to adopt Dennis and bring him home to America!

Vietnam Adoption

Families With Children From Vietnam

Adopt Vietnam--a complete website with all the information you need to find out about adoption in Vietnam

Come and visit the Barron's website to learn all about their adoptions of Sahara and Ryland from Vietnam

The Brodeur's story of Abby's Vietnam adoption

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