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"Soft sweet kisses, warm big family-hugs, fun-filled adventures . . . we offer this and much more to you and your baby.  We are Ken and Nancy Garner, a fun-loving family with experience in open adoption.  Through the miracle of adoption we were blessed with our daughter, Olivia and son, James.  We dearly love our children and our home overflows with cheerful giggles and joyful times.  We earnestly desire to share our love and be blessed with another child.  We welcome you to learn more about our family, our home and hobbies, and our open adoption experience."
The Garner Family
      We understand that you may feel as if you are facing the most important and difficult decision in your life.  We are grateful that your courageous heart has carried you this far, and hope that our words of encouragement and support will help you make the best decision and see the positive impact adoption can have on your baby's life, your life and ours.  We have a great deal of experience in adoption and have built strong, loving relationships with our children's birthfamilies.  Based on unwavering commitment and unconditional love, the bonds with our birthfamilies have flourished since our children were born.  All of us benefit from these miraculous bonds-- our birthfamilies are completely confident that they made the right decision, our children enjoy a true sense of identity and we rejoice in the honesty and openness that we share with our children and our birthfamilies.

      We would like to welcome you and your baby into our devoted, loving and caring family.  We are extremely grateful for life's gifts and consider our union in marriage, our daughter Olivia, our son James and our close, tender-hearted, loving family our greatest blessings. We are deeply committed to our family and since the day we were married we hoped to be blessed with children.  After several miscarriages, we decided to build our family through adoption.  We were united with Olivia in December 2000 when her strong and courageous birthmom lovingly entrusted her to us.  Through this remarkable experience we gained insight into the extremely emotional aspects of open adoption and an immense appreciation and respect for our birthfamily's unparalleled self-sacrifing love and commitment to that which was best for Olivia.  Three years and one week later we were blessed with James.  His birthmom honored Nancy by asking her to be the coach in the delivery room, while Ken, Olivia and his birthfamily all coached from the waiting room!  Both open adoption experiences were very different. . . and also very much a like in that they are filled with the utmost respect, faith, unconditional love and hope.   
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" We now know that we were always intended to build our family through adoption and that while we can not conceive, children were conceived to be part of our family.  Our family is far richer in love, compassion, patience, and understanding because of these open adoption experiences.  It is our hope that we will be united another child through the miracle of adoption."
   We take seriously the awesome responsibility of being parents and believe that children deserve lots of love, compassion, encouragement, attention, stability and guidance.  Our children are encouraged to be creative, try new things and just be "kids" in a safe nurturing environment.  We want childhood to be fun, while at the same time we wish to instill good values through positive role models, boundaries and consistency.  Our stable, deeply committed marriage, strong supportive family, unwavering values, and unconditional love help us to be the best parents possible.  As you get to know us and all that we have to offer, we hope that you recognize this potential and that we can fulfill your hopes and dreams. 

   We pledge our total commitment to a respectful and loving adoption experience.  We hope that our pledge will help you to be confident as you decide what is best for your baby.  We look forward to hearing from you when you are ready, or you may wish to call our adoption counselor, Ellen Roseman.  She is easy to talk with and extremely sensitve to the needs of birthparents.  Whatever you decide we wish you peace and serenity.  If you would like to get to know
Our Family better or learn more about Our Home & Hobbies, or just want to view some recent family pictures in our Photo Album please click on the links, and thank you for visiting our website. 

             With warm thoughts and our heartfelt love to you and your child,

                  Ken, Nancy, Olivia & James
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