Hall of Fame member #8 Harry Fuhrhop

Harry "Old Fly" Fuhrhop

Years: 1870-80 Captain: 1870-75,1877,1880

Little is known of Harry Fuhrhop's record as a player, but it must be surmised that in the formative years of Australian football he was an individual of considerable talent.

The club itself was formed in 1869. In its second year of existance Fuhrhop was elected captain. A position he held until 1875. In 1876 North Melbourne merged with Albert Park for one year and while being recognised as Albert Park cum North Melbourne Fuhrhop held the captaincy during that year.

In the following year (1877) North Melbourne reformed under the name Hotham, in line with the name change of the North Melbourne municipality, and Fuhrhop continued as captain as well as being an influential member of the Committee. It was in 1877 also that the Victorian Football Association was formed. The first football association formed in Australia and one of the first in the world. Harry Fuhrhop represented the Hotham Football club at the drafting of the constitution of the VFA.

Harry Fuhrhop

In all Harry Fuhrhop was an influential member of the North Melbourne Football club in its many guises during its developmental years. A fact recognised at the time when in 1872 a cup was presented to him as an indication of the "high esteem in which he was held by the members". He was again elected captain in 1880, his retirement year. After his retirement Fuhrhop continued an active interest in the club and was reported as an inspiriational factor, through his support, in North's first Premiership against Richmond in 1903.

In fact it wasn't until Wayne Schimmelbusch took on the captaincy (1977-88) that Fuhrhop's record of captaincy was broken. As it stands at the moment he is the second longest serving captain in North Melbourne's history.

Reference: Downing, Gerard "The North Story", Revised & Enlarged Edition, Playright Publishing Pty Ltd, Sydney,1997

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