Listed below are the coaches of the North Melbourne Football Club since its entry into the Victorian Football League in 1925 until the present day. While the information given is essentially accurate it may be that some conclusions drawn are wrong or that the story told differs from the fact. If you can correct any inaccuracies or supply any further information please contact me. Shinboner

Wells Eike 1925-6 Wells Eike

An established St Kilda champion Eike was the person to bring the Shinboners into the Victorian Football League. A dynamic rover, at the end of his career, he led the Northerners to a *-* win loss record in their first year in the League. Although this was a successful introduction into the Big League Wells found himself replaced as coach in 1926 when the teams performance was below expectations.

Thomas 1926 CS Thomas

Most references don't list Thomas as coach , however Gerard Downing in his book "The North Story" has CS Thomas listed as coach in 1926. It may be that this is in fact SC (Stan) Thomas North's secretary of that era. It is likely that he acted as interim coach following an upheaval with the replacement of Wells Eike as coach mid-season.

A player of 1926 era 1926 Gerald Donnelly

A Melbourne player the previous year, he had his playing permit cancelled that year when the League Investigations Committee found that he was residentially bound to North Melbourne. Donnelly was made captain of North in 1926 and coached the side after the departure of Eike. The club recorded 1 draw only during this year.

Syd Barker 1927 Syd Barker

Returning from Essendon where he was a Premiership captain and coach Barker was in the twilight of hs career. After only 7 games as Captain/Coach injury forced his retirement as a player and he saw out the rest of the season as coach only - an un common role at this time. Already a North Melbourne legend he could do no wrong and it was fitting that he finished his League career at the club which had made him a household name.

His record as 1927 coach was 3 wins 15 losses.

Charlie Tyson 1928-9 Charlie Tyson

A former Collingwood player Tyson tranferred to North after a disagreement with the Magpies. Tyson a tough half back flanker led North to a 5-13 win/loss record in 1928. He was replaced mid term in the following year.

Paddy Noonan 1929 Paddy Noonan

Legendary captain of the successful Association era where North won successive premierships in 1903 and 1904. Noonan stepped in to fill the void for the remainder of the 1929 season when Tyson was unable to continue. North won game out of 18 in this year.

Johnny Lewis 1930 Johnny Lewis

Starting with the club in 1921 Lewis went on to play a combined total of 203 Association and League games in his fourteen seasons. Only leaving when the team temporarily disbanded he became coach in 1930 while still acting as captain. After only one victory in this year Lewis relinquished the coach's role but kept on as captain for the following year.

1931 N Clarke

A second stint as coach. He last coached the team in 1924 - its last as part of the VFA.

1931 Jack Pembarton

Beginning as a player in 1903 Pembarton was a half-back/centre player of the great teams of this era. Among his contempories were Charles Hardy, George Rawle and Syd Barker. Between them neither Clarke or Pembarton coached a winning team in the 1931 season.

1932-4 DickTaylor

Disappointed by their lack of success in the first 7 years in the League North embarked on a strategy that was to give them success immediately. Dick Taylor, a Melbourne champion, was recruited to lead the club as both Captain and Coach. Success followed immediately with North having their best season in the League -8 wins, finishing the season in eighth place. Next season saw the team finish with 7 wins and remain in eighth place.

Promising much North went into the 1934 season full of confidence, yet strangely failed to win a game. While no fault could be place on Taylor's coaching and playing performance he felt it necessary to resign as both captain and coach on July 16 after playing his 200th game.

Tom Fitzmaurice 1934-5 Tom Fitzmaurice

A former Geelong and Essendon player Fitzmaurice failed to improve the teams performance for the remainder of the 1934 season. He was recognised as an innovative coach in his training methods. In 1935 the club was under considerable financial pressure after its disasterous performance the previous year and although the teams performance did improve this failed to materialise into wins and only one victory resulted. Fitzmaurice was of the view that his methods were not effective and thought that someone else may be able to bring about better results. Accordingly he tendered his resignation.

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