~*~ Our Beautiful Nubian Princess ~*~

We need to realize that our girls need to know
about the Goddesses and their herstory.
They should have this knowledge,
not necessarily to become worshippers,
but to know that all of the aspects of womanhood
should be recognized and honored.
How might your own life have been different,
if as a young girl growing up,
you had been aware and brought to
the knowledge of the herstory of the goddesses?

Girls are not born and raised in a world
that is "equal" when it comes
to the treatment and actions towards girls and women.
In this society the "glass ceiling,"
has always been one of the ways
to keep certain groups down,
especially African American women
who have experienced this all to well.
How do we raise our girls to have an open mind
and to set high goals and possibilities for
themselves, living in a "glass ceiling" world?
This is a dilemma that mothers and parents
must face and find ways to overcome this.

Girls who have been taught a monotheistic view of God,
described always as “he,” must struggle much
harder to find the “God within” her,
than their male counterparts,
who can easily identify with a male God,
that has been strongly acknowledged in this society.

Our girls must not be hindered nor stopped by society’s
flagrant exploitation of women.
One very powerful way to begin to help overcome
this is through the knowledge of the Sacred Feminine
and her reflection of the Divine Within us.
We cannot so easily diminish ourselves
when we recognize women’s divinity within ourselves.

To My Daughter

I saw you today. Standing there waiting
for your future to begin.
I want to tell you so much.
About my life, about your life, about us.
But I don't know what that will be right now.
We'll have to write that part together someday.

I wonder if you will love the same things that I do.
The wild places, the animal kindred, the magick of life.
I will take you to these places and show you these things
and I hope that when you are troubled
that you will find a place like this for yourself.

There is so much to learn from nature.
And from within Her cycles of life, death and rebirth,
we can learn a lot about ourselves.
That is why I come here.
I hope that some beautiful summer day
that you will find this place, too.

And perhaps you will also see your own daughter there.
And then you will want to tell her how much you promise
to care for her and protect her and teach her...
how you will always be proud of her when
she follows her own heart and that you will promise to
stand by her when she needs a hand to hold.

But most of all, you will want to
tell her how much that you will love her... I know.
Because that is what I want to tell you.

I love you, daughter!

by Wren Walker

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    A Mother's Love

    Some say when my children
    are old enough to understand the logic
    that motivates a mother I will tell them this:

    I loved you enough to want to know where you were going,
    with whom, and what time you would get home.
    I loved you enough to make you return a chocolate bar
    with a bit out of it to a store
    and to confess:"I stole this".
    I loved you enough to stand over you for two hours
    while you cleaned your room;
    a job that would have taken me 15 minutes.
    I loved you enough to let you see anger,
    disappointment, disgust and tears in my eyes.
    I loved you enough to admit when I was wrong
    and to ask for your forgiveness.
    I loved you enough to let you stumble, fall and hurt.
    BUT most of all I loved you enough to say NO
    when you hated me for it
    This was the hardest part of all!

    Author Unknown

    A Girl In the World
    Is a Wonderful Thing

    a girl in the world
    is a wonderful thing.
    she can do most anything
    she puts her mind to.
    she can write a book.
    she can start a band.

    she can become a doctor.
    she can dream and plan.
    she can handle adversity.
    she can stand up tall.
    and in all these things,

    she is beautiful.
    she is strong.
    a girl in the world
    is a wonderful thing.
    she can do most anything
    she puts her mind to.

    Author Unknown

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