Our dear friend, Judy Zack, went to be with our Lord March 25, 2003. This was her personal site and we made it into a memorial honoring her.

This is what Judy put on her application to join Hope Is Here.

I have one stepdaughter, & one daughter & son of my own. I have 2 lovely grandsons. The oldest is 18 & graduating from high school this June. The youngest is just 2 1/2 years old. He only lives about 3 blocks from me so I get to see him often.

I am a Registered nurse & worked in a large city hospital for 36 years I retired from there 4 years ago & now I work part time in a private clinic for seven cardiologists.

Oh yes, I am Canadian. I live in the far western part of Canada in the city of St. Albert & the province of Alberta. Actually I am about 400 miles north of the Montana border.

I use to read & do petite point but since getting the computer I do not do much in the line of hobbies. I do some volunteer work with my church & that does take up a fair bit of my time.

~~~ We will miss you dear friend ~~~


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