Hello, and welcome one and all to my Labyrinth page and my very first website. I've spent a looooong while planning this thing (not to mention an extra long while learning how to build a webpage), so I'm
real proud to see it finally up and running. Here's a summary of what all is here:

*Sarah's Room---Labyrinth movie stills.

*Oubliette---Wallpapers designed by me for your own personal use.

*Ballroom---Labyrinth promo. pics, etc.

*Castle---My sick twisted humor, Labyrinth themed of course, exposed for all the world to see (Contains lots
of nasty stuff so be sure to read the warning before entering).

*Links---My particular favorite Laby sites 'round the web.

Okay, that pretty much sums it up. If you have any questions or comments you can email me at:
site owned by j. bohem

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The Labyrinth Ring by marysia

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News: 2002 FanFic Awards - Message Board
The Peach Brigade! by saramorgansten
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