Yeah, I don't know what it is either.
Hi everybody, I'm renovating my homepage. Please be patient.
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Pesch says "Woof"
This is me ...
. . . 11 or so years ago
Contrary to popular belief, I DO like to share.  Feel free to borrow anything you'd like from the site*

.*** notice the disclaimer on "a few words"***
Things you must see:
jEssIcA's scAry plAcE
Now under construction....
Beauty--my first website. It asks the question "What is your concept of beauty. Answer today!
Stuff I like
formerly Jessica's World
Thanks for asking, yeah, the flowers ARE for you!
John Cusack Gallery--a page devoted to my favorite photos of my favorite actor.
How to be Popular at Kennedy High--my tribute to my favorite and recently cancelled tv program, Popular. Please take a quick visit.  It's my first attempt at frames, and I think I did a bang up job.
New!!  Spectacular! Spectacular!--a fansite for the best movie of the year Moulin Rouge.  This is my first role as co-webmaster.  Who's let the diamond dogs out? It's Andrea and Me.
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