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Welcome to the Pacific Northwest Exploration Project's website, where we document our adventures and share them with you. Whether it be abandoned, haunted, forgotten, historical, or just plain odd or interesting, we are out to document it and share it here with you.

It's your choice which way you would like to explore with us, by location, category or date. You can  also check out what we are planning on or know of site updates by signing up for our news letter below.  This site also features our profile (who we are) FAQ's and information on how you can help us. Aslo, make sure you check out our special links section too...them are good people too.

We want to thank you for your visit, and happy exploring (the site that is)

Note to visitors: This site best viewed on a open sourced browser such as Foxfire or Netscape as they seem to help control Yahoo's Geocities excessive pop in advertisements. This site and it's contents are of soul ownership of the webmaster for this site. Pictures, images, and content are of the webmasters creation. If the webmaster used someone else's content, you will see reference to that fact and a link back to that persons site. If you wish to use our content, please contact us for a link exchange.

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