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HouSe Of HamSter
Rodent Rescue                       Program     
In an effort to save the lives of many neglected little furry animals, i have started accepting unwanted or neglected dwarf hamsters so that i can rehabilitate, evaluate, and if appropriate, adopt out to new, loving, "forver" homes. When rescues are being evaluated, or are open for adoption they will be featured here. The one's who are ready to go will also be on the "Available" page.

No hamster that is considered "unsafe" will leave. I will work with them on whatever problems they may have until they overcome them. However, if it is a problem where it would benefit the animal to stay with a well experienced hamster owner...it will stay here in my family.

Occassionally, some of these hamsters may have "special needs" from being neglected or abused, or having medical problems that require medications or frequent vet visits.. All hamsters will have pictures and profiles to assit you in choosing one for your family!

Do you have a hamster that you would like to surrender? Please e-mail us and we would be glad to assit you.

*Want To Help?*  Volunteers are needed to act as foster homes as rescues come in. As a Foster, you provide shelter, food, water, and most importantly LOVE to hammies that are just waiting for their "forever" families to come and adopt them. All potential fosters will go through a very casual interview before being alloud to volunteer. E-mail if you would like to help!
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