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House of Hamster
Policies are subject to change without notice
* Shipping-I do not, nor will i ever, ship the hamsters anywhere. The only available method of shipment is via air, and not only does this run at $100 just to ship (not including packing), but i believe it to be to stressful and dangerous to the animal...so, absolutely no shipping....ever.
* Delivery- the only means of delivery is by meeting part way. I will travel up to two hours away from Charleson, WV to meet you in a safe, highly traveled area. For this service, i do charge an additional time & mileage fee. If you are seriously interested in this method, you are more than welcome to e-mail me for more info.
* Pick-Ups- pick ups are by appointment ONLY. I am a college student, so i have classes through various times of the day. My schedule is, however, pretty flexible...so i'm sure that we can find a time that easily accomodates the both of us. I'm usually able to fit you in on the same day you call, if you prefer.

                                   Adoption Policies:

* First and foremost...you MUST keep your original reciept that you will recieve upon purchase. With out it, the Adoption Policies are *VOID*

All animals bred by H.O.H.  go to their new home with a health guarantee for 3 months from the time they are sold. Should an animal die due to any illness I will replace it free of charge and help you figure out what the problem was, and preventitive steps to take should it come up in the future. In the unfortunate event that you would lose your hammie to illness while it is still under the health guarantee, i require that you either bring it in, or bring a photo in of it deceased. I hate to require this, but it is something i've learned to be necessary from past experiences.

I guarantee the gender of all H.O.H  hamsters, whether it was bred by me or it was in our rescue program. Should I make a mistake when placing a same-sex pair, I will help you sex the babies and take them in to find homes for them when they are old enough. I will also take one of the parents if you wish, and you may keep one of the babies to live with the parent. If you buy an animal from me to be used for breeding, and that animal is not the gender I had originally promised, I will exchange that animal for another one of the correct gender. If you buy two babies with the intention of breeding (pups are required to be from different litters...i DO NOT practice inbreeding) and are unable to find homes for all the little ones, I will help only if you agree to separate the breeding pair and not breed again unless you already have homes lined up.

If for any reason, during the life of your hamster, you decide that you can no longer care for it, , I will take it back. In this instance, I ask that you give up the cage and accessories for that animal as well so I can take it in right away. If you are unable to give up the cage with the hamster, you may be asked to wait a few weeks until I am able to make room for your pet.

I promise to help you with any care questions you have throughout your pet's life. At the time of adoption, I will provide you with contact info so that i may be reached if you ever have any questions or concerns. Please see the "About Us" page for more info on Breeder-Owner relationships.

* Cages and supplies purchased are NOT guaranteed through myself. I have used the same types/brands and that is why i offer them...i've had no problems at all. However, if you where to experience any problems, you should contact the manufacturer.

You must be at least 18 years or older to adopt  from House of Hamsters. If you are under 18, a parent or guardian can help you with the adoption process. I will not, under any circumstances, sell any animal for food.

Because of the risk that one of our hamsters could end up as a tasty snake snack...we do routine check ups to make sure all is well, and to answer any questions or concerns you may have. We Highly appreciate everyones cooperation with our brief check-ups....please understand that it's just for the safety of our babies :)
House of Hamster reserves the right to refuse our services to anyone as we deem necessary.
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