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Welcome! I am a small hobby breeder of dwarf campbell's russian and winter white hamsters. In addition to breeding, i also rescue and re-home neglated or un-wanted dwarf hamsters. Please check out the "Stork Report" for planned litters. We have the BEST complete adoption packages, and will customize at your request. Thanks for considering us for your next furry family member!

At House of Hamster, I believe that love & care are the most important elements of pet breeding and ownership. When we take a new pet into our home, it becomes a loyal friend and family member. This website has been created, in part, to make available information to the public about how you can properly love and care for your small & furry pets. We all need to educate ourselves before brining home a new pet. For instance, there are many things that you might be doing for your new hamster with it's best interests in mind, but you could be harming it. An example would be feeding your dwarf hamster sweet  treats and fruits for a snack...but did you know drawfs have a tendency to become diabetic very easily?? They should be kept on a "no sugar" diet...this includes natural sugars in fruits such as grapes, carrots, corn,  etc.

So, please, stick around and educate yourself so that you and your new friend can share many wonderful times together!

This website is a constant work in progress, so check back often for new updates, articles, and pictures.  If you have anything  you'd like to see, please
email me. Thank you for visiting!

House of Hamster Goals ~
To breed for health & tempermant. Provide an easily tamed animal.
To improve the overall body type of all the colors I am working with and work  towards BHA  standards.
To improve the colors and patterns I am working with.
To strengthen the numbers available of certain genotypes, whether this be color, pattern or coat type.
To help educate hamster owners to the best care of their little ones.

Member site of the
Internet Hamster Association of North America
The owner of this site has pledged to uphold the IHANA Code of Care and Breeders Code, and to use the Standards of the British Hamster Association or the National Hamster Council  in selection and evaluation of hamsters.

This page last updated: August 10 2004
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