EZy Legs
               Patent Pending
EZy Legs With Wheels
Pictured 3x3 puppy play pen
EZy Legs holds the pan securely in place and easy to slide out.
The wheels make  moving and cleaning around the cages very easy.
3x3 side view
  2x3 front view
2x3 side view
If you are like me getting the pan out from under the cages to change papers was the biggest hassle ever. When I moved the cage to clean, the pan was left there or hung up side ways under the cage, It was constant tugging and pulling. I was complaining to my husband, so he said there had to be an easier way.
So he created EZy Legs, and they are! They are EZy to install, EZy to pull out the pans and clean, Now it's EZy to clean under the cage.
EZy Legs are made of heavy gage aluminum, for durability& long wear, yet light weight.EZy legs will hold as much weight as the cage itself will and allows you to use the lowest floor setting to maximize the use of the cage and still remove the pan easy.
We now offer  our EZy Legs to the public.

EZy Legs to fit , 2x3 , 3x3 & 4x4 Central Metal  cages, with or without Locking wheels.
EZy Legs to fit , 2x3's 3x3's & 4x4's Precision , with or without  Locking wheels
EZyLegs to fit , 2x3, 3x3, 4x4 .  Midwest puppy play pens.
These Ezy Legs were made to fit original pans, if you have replacement pans or other pans please let us know. We do have spacer kits for smaller pans for a better fit. If you choose Just the legs, no wheels they do have  rubber feet , so it won't scratch floors.
   CM & PR& 2x3 EZy Legs                      49.95 + Shipping & Handling
   CM & PR.&- 2x3 EZy Legs/W/Wheels  57.95 + Shipping & Handling      
   CM & PR& - 3X3 EzyLegs                    51.95 + Shipping & Handling
   CM & PR& - 3x3  EzyLegs/W/Wheels   59.95  + Shipping & Handling
   CM & PR & -4X4 Ezy Legs                   67.95  + Shipping & Handling
   CM & PR & -4X4 Ezy Legs/W/Wheels  79.95  + Shipping & Handling

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