Sleepless Night

Hiei awoke silently, he tried to move but Kurama held him very tight. He snuggled further into the embrace and nuzzled Kuramaís nose. He would have never imagined, that one day he could feel such love for anyone. He reminisced about the day he had first meet Kurama, his itoshi was so much younger, his hair much shorter. But he still had that sweet and innocent personality.

Hiei caressed the red locks lightly, not wanting to awaken the sleeping fox, his fingers lingered onto his cheek and then his neck. His lips caressed the delicate outline of the sleeping eyes. Behind the close lids lay those beautiful emerald gems. So big and beautiful, deep and sincere, eyes that never seemed to be filled with hatred.

The fire youkai licked the tender lips, and kissed them gently. He loved the taste of Kuramaís lips, it was his favorite part of Kuramaís body. He also liked the more intimate areas, but Hiei really enjoyed looking into the sea of green and kissing the tender protuberances.

He heard Kurama moan, he saw the sleepy lids open up, revealing a deep sparkly sea of green. He looked into them for while, not saying anything at all. They lay silent, touching and savoring the tenderness of each otherís skin. The outline of their muscles, they kissed for a long moment. Their tongues slide passed each other in the intimate enclosure of their mouth, they kissed along their necks and jaw lines. There hands explored the warmth of their bodies, their penises began to expand and throb gently. The koibitos rubbed against each other, their erections growing and twitching with each firm stroke. Kurama caressed Hieiís butt, his fingers lingered all across the well carved organ, his finger slipped into his crevice and tapped the tiny pucker that lay hidden in between the crack. He laid Hiei on his stomach and gave him a back rug, his hands stroked the chiseled muscles, his lips tantalized the warm skin. He put his hand under Hiei and gasped his shaft, he pumped it gently. Hiei lifted his pelvis and placed himself in position for the penetration, he spread his legs, his booty in the air. Kurama licked his pink balls tenderly, he grabbed his own shaft and placed it onto the pucker, he penetrated firmly and swiftly. His penis stroked the inside of Hiei tenderly, he loved the tightness. Hiei moaned against the pillow, his penis twitched as Kurama pumped it. He wanted release, he wanted it harder, "KuramaÖohÖharderÖharderÖ" Kurama smiled at the request, he quickened his pace, he could almost feel himself come, but he resisted, he pumped Hiei harder and penetrated faster, Hiei moaned against the soft pillow, his white seed spilled onto his belly and the mattress. Kurama came shortly after. "I love midnight sex," said Kurama softly as he caressed the tender youkai under him. "I love you."

"I was remembering the first time I meet you. Itís incredible how things work out, at first I thought you were my enemy but now youíre my lover."
"I know, Iím glad you decided to be my friend. Most people my age aren't lucky enough to have someone they love and that loves them back, but I guess at this point in most of their lives they just want to get laid."
"I figured, most humans are stupid," said Hiei in a teasing tone.
"No they're not! Do you think Iím stupid?"
"No, youíre just crazy," said Hiei as he smiled in the darkness.
"Crazy! Oh, Hiei Iím only crazy for you," responded Kurama tenderly.
"Donít blame me for your simple-mindedness!"
"Youíre so funny sometimes you know that?"
"No, but anyway you should rest, donít you have school tomorrow?"
"Yeah, but I like talking to you."
"You talk a lot."
"Only because youíre such a good listener."
"HnÖletís rest Iím tired."
"OK, goodnight itoshi," said Kurama as he kissed Hiei.
"Goodnight Kurama."

Our lovers fell into the beautiful dreams about each other and awoke placidly the next morning.
"Hiei, HieiÖ"
"Wake up!"
"Oh, Kurama why does your school start so fuckin' early?"
"Because, itís one of the best in Japan."
"You know, our midnight love sessions are causing me some serious sleep depravation."
"Hiei! Donít exaggerate!"
"Really, maybe we should try to stay celibate for a night."
"What? No! Absolutely positively not!"
"Youíre such a sex maniac! I dare you to resist my seduction for one night!"
"Ha! I can do that just fine. I have will power! But what will I get if I win?"
Hiei thought about it for a while, and then he said "Iíll be your subordinate for the night. Iíll do whatever you want me to."
"Really, now this sounds interesting. Itís a deal," said Kurama as he shook hands with Hiei.
"I have another question Kurama."
"What is it itoshi?"
"Why is your uniform that color?"
"I really donít know. I like it though."
"HnÖwell have a good day at school," said Hiei as he slipped back under the covers.
"Hey, come out of there, arenít you going to walk me to school?"
"Of course, go and eat and by the time youíre finished Iíll be waiting for you downstairs."
"Oh, are you sure?"
"Yes! Now go so that I can get a few more minutes of sleep. I look forward for tonight, finally a whole night of sleep. That is of course if you can resist the temptation," said Hiei mischievously, with what he had planned for the night, Kurama would lose that wager for sure.
"In your dreams itoshi, a youko never loses a bet. Iíll see you downstairs!" responded Kurama as he left his room.

To be continued...

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