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Some Wright Family Pictures
(More to come later)
My Grandmother:
Carrie May Rood Wright
1888 - 1919
Reverse side of Carrie Wright photo
with list of her children
Janice Wright Rood
(1908 - 1983)
my mother:
Naomi Artis Wright Higginbotham (1909 - 1991)
Photo ca 1911

Mom & Dad:
Ernest Stanley Higginbotham
Naomi Wright Higginbotham
Photo taken 1988 on their 60th anniversary

Uncle Charles & Aunt Janice
Charles Rood
Janice Wright Rood

Photo identified only as
"Grandma Mills"
I remember hearing mom talk about her but have not found the family connection yet.  Believe she lived in Kentucky, possibly related to Carrie Wright
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Harry Roush,
Blanche Rood Roush
(sister of Carrie Rood Wright),
and their grandson
Donald Roush.
Photo ca early 1940's

Carrie Mae Rood Wright
(Photo before 1919)
(Uncle) John Edwin Wright, Jr.
(Photo about 1983)
(Aunt) Lucy (Mrs. John) Wright & Children
Pansy, Carrie, Francis (Bubba)
(Photo ca 1950's)
Naomi Wright Higginbotham
(Photo ca 1948)
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