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Some Higginbotham Family Pictures
(More to come later)
My dad:
Ernest Stanley Higginbotham
1908 - 1989

(Photo ca 1952)
My grandparents:
George Allen Higginbotham
1875 - 1965
Mattie B. Pickens Higginbotham
1877 - 1968
(Photo ca 1960)
Dad at about 2 years old
(Photo ca 1910)
Leon, WV home of my grandparents, birthplace of my Dad
(Photo ca 1910)
Leon, WV cemetery
My grandmother, Mattie Pickens Higginbotham between the graves of my grandfather George Higginbotham and Oma Higginbotham (1899 - 1908) (their first daughter)
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Alma & Mattie Pickens
Written on back: "sisters", am still trying to locate connection with Alma
Dad's brother & his wife:
Herbert Higginbotham
1904 - 1961
Frances (Snowden) Higginbotham
(Photo ca 1955)
A Family reunion photo from the late 1940's
Fourth from left:  Mattie Pickens Higginbotham, From right:  Cecil Evans, Dorothy Higginbotham Evans, Naomi Wright Higginbotham, George Allen Higginbotham.  Knealing, from right:  James Evans, David Allen Higginbotham.  Others unknown to me at this time.
The Higginbotham Family ca 1930's
From left:  (Grandma & Grandpa) George Allen Higginbotham and Mattie Pickens Higginbotham,  (Uncle) Melvin Roush, (Dad) Ernest Higginbotham, (Uncle) Autta Higginbotham, (Aunt) Dorothy Higginbotham, (Uncle) Herbert Higginbotham
Uncle Autta
(about 1975)
Aunt Dorothy (Higginbotham) Evans, Cecil and Jimmy Evans
Photo ca late 1950's
George & Mattie Higginbotham
(Grandpa & Grandma)
ca 1960
Some of the clan about 1955
(Uncle) Melvin Roush, (Uncle) Cecil Evans, George Higginbotham (Grandpa),
(Uncle) Autta, myself, and Ernest (Dad)
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