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Mandalas: Drawing as a Religious Practice
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Brighid Hearth Blessing
A Pagan Table Blessing
An Elemental Self-Blessing
A New Moon Blessing
A Full Moon Blessing

Circle Casting and Ritual Outline
A Basic Ritual Outline
A Simple Circle Casting
A Basic Circle Casting
A Fancy Circle Casting

Esbat Rituals
A New Moon Ritual
A Full Moon Ritual

Sabbat Rituals
An Imbolc Ritual
A Yule Ritual
A Lughnasad Ritual
A Beltane Ritual

Other Rituals
A Goddess Advent Candle Wreath
Divination Ritual

Air Meditation
Fire Meditation
Water Meditation
Earth Meditation
Spirit Meditation

Charge of the Rose Goddess
Charge of the Ocean Goddess

Goddess Invocations
Invocation to the Earth Mother
Moon Goddess Invocation
Invocation to the Goddess Brighid
Invocation to Kwan Yin
Invocation to Isis

God Invocations
Invocation to the Green Man
Invocation to Herne the Hunter
Invocation to the Sky Father
Invocation to the Sun Infant
Invocation to Lugh
Invocation to the Grain God
Invocation to John Barleycorn

Elemental Invocations
Basic Elemental Invocations
New Moon Elemental Invocations
Full Moon Elemental Invocations
Elemental Invocations for Imbolc
Elemental Invocations for Yule
Elemental Invocations for Beltaine
Elemental Invocations for Lughnasad

Sabbat Prayers
Yule Prayer
Imbolc Prayer
Ostara Prayer
Beltane Prayer
Litha Prayer
Lughnasad Prayer
Mabon Prayer
Samhain Prayer

Esbat Prayers
New Moon Prayer
Full Moon Prayer

Daily Prayers
Bedtime Prayer
Morning Prayer
Mealtime Prayer

Other Prayers
Prayer for Guidance
Prayer Before Divination
Prayer for Balance
Prayer for Peace

A Creation Myth
Wheel of the Year Myth
Myth of Lunnotaur
Myth of Isis
Myth of Inanna
Myth of Kwan Yin

Let's Call the Whole Thing Off



Gypsy Girl

The grasslands of the desert overflow; the hills are clothed with gladness. The meadows are covered with flocks and the valleys are mantled with grain; they shout for joy and sing.
Psalm 65:12-13