Christian Wicca and Witchcraft

My Christian Witch Path
Why I am a Christo-Pagan
Dancing with the Magdalene
Influences in My Christian Witchery
My Christian Witch Beliefs
My Goddess Christian Creed

A Christian Speaks of Wicca and Witchcraft by James Clement Taylor
Gnosticism and Wicca: Parallel Customs or Pure Conflict?
Christian Witch Religious Symbols
A Christian Witch in the Lenten Season
A Christian Witch in the Advent Season
A Christian Witch Easter

One Christian Witch's View of Godde
Thoughts on a Grail Cabala
A Possible Pantheon for the Christian Wiccan or Witch
Christo-Pagan Saints and other Notables

Altars and Tools for the Christian Witch
Altars and Tools for the Christian Witch
Ideas for Christian Witch Altars for Different Denominations
Seek and Ye Shall Find: Gathering Ritual Tools

Ritual Practicalities
Bread for a Christian Witch Communion
Wine for a Christian Witch Communion

Christian Witch Myths
A Christian Witch Wheel of the Year: Version I
A Christian Witch Wheel of the Year: Version II

Suggested Reading
Fiction for the Goddess Worshipping Christian
Movies for the Goddess-Christian
Music for the Goddess Honoring Christian
Internet Resources for the Christian Witch

Christian Witch Prayers, Blessings, Rituals and Liturgy

A Goddess Christian Angelic Elemental Blessing
A Goddess Christian Elemental Blessing
A Christian Witch Crossing/Blessing Ritual

A Hail Mary Magdalene Prayer
A Christian Witch Our Father Prayer
Blessing of Jesus and Mary Magdalene's Love

Litany of Jesus and Mary Magdalene
Litany of Mary Magdalene

Christian Wiccan Deity Invocations
Christian Witch Goddess Invocations
Black Madonna Invocations
Christian Witch Elemental Invocations
Christian Circle Totem Animal Elemental Invocations

Christian Witch Rituals
A Christian Witch Circle Casting
A Christian Witch Cakes and Wine
A Goddess Eucharist Ritual
A Christian Wiccan Grail Ritual
Saint Mary Magdalene's Feast Day Candle Ritual
Ritual for the Feast Day of Sarah Kali
A Christian Witch Easter Ritual
A Christian Witch Christmas Ritual
A Christian Witch Candlemass Rite
A Christian Witch Beltaine Rite
A Christian Witch Lughnasad Rite
A Christian Witch Samhain Rite



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The grasslands of the desert overflow; the hills are clothed with gladness. The meadows are covered with flocks and the valleys are mantled with grain; they shout for joy and sing.
Psalm 65:12-13