Carley and  GC Halper Hill's Michael
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We are currently members of:
   Mini- Lop Specialty Club
Niagara Frontier Rabbit Club
Michael is the bunny that started it all and one of the 1st bunnies born in our rabbitry. It was bunny love at first site. 
    Mom has been busy working on some great new HalperHill bunnies and will see you soon on the show tables. Planning on attending Olean, Dunkirk
                  Updated March 24,2009
   ** Welcome to Halper Hill Rabbitry **
         Our little bunny hutch on the web
     We currently raise the following breeds
  Mini-Lops & Dwarf Hotots
   * Located in Delevan ,  NY *
Many Thanks to my Aunt Wendy @ HillBunny Rabbitry for designing this web-set for us!!!
II have decided to give up showing mini lops. I loved every minute of it and met some great people along the way.

My mother is going to be taking over my herd and will be working on her own line. She will see you all on the show tables next year! Im sure I'll pop in every once in a while . Carley
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