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dynamic Earth

Rheology in Crust and Mantle
Partial Melting and melt segregation in a convecting mantle
Global Expansion Tectonics Is the earth expanding?
East African Rift Plate Tectonics at work
The Inner Workings of the Earth by Michael Wysession (American Scientist)
Probing the Depths by Kathy Svitil
Ken Macdonalds Homepage Mid Ocean Ridge geology
Global Seismic Tomography by Harmen Bijwaard
Plattentektonik und Geomorphologie, Handout zu einem Referat von Stefanie Lenk
Global Tectonics using VLBI, SLR, and GPS
Jodrell Bank Observatory - VLBI: Homepage
On Walter Brown & Plate Tectonics
On Subduction & Plate Tectonics
Introduction to Plate Tectonic
Earth Expansion, Plate Tectonics and Gaia's Pulse by Martin PICKFORD
Plate Tectonics the History of an Idea
The Rock Cycle
Plate Tectonics
The African Rift System
Earthquakes and Plate Tectonics
Plate tectonics
This Dynamic Earth by the USGS, the Story of Plate Tectonic
Maps of the Earth/s surface in the past and future, plate tectonics
Paleotectonic Reconstructions
The ABC´s of Plate Tectonics
Paleological Geographic Maps for the last 500 million years
USGS Earthquake-Information


Volcanolive by John Seach. News, Views and more about earth´s volcanoes
Vulkane Online eZine zum Thema Vulkane (de)
Global Volcanism Program
Oldoinyo Lengai
Nyiragongo the recent eruption
Volcanoes of Africa
Terrestrial Volcanoes
Venus´ volcanic surface
How does a volcano work?
The Etna with photos and webcam
The eruption of Vesuvius of 1631
Montserrat Volcano Observation
Pyroclastic Flows by C.M. Riley
How Pyroclastic Flows are Generated
Eruptions and Lahars of Mount Pinatubo, Philippines
Effects of Pyroclastic Flows and Surges at Soufriere Hills volcano, Montserrat
USGS Cascade Volcano Observatory
Usu volcano
Volcano World
Vulkanismus: Tätigkeitsbericht(de)
Mount St. Helens Seismicity Information
Update on Current Volcanic Activity
Crater Lake, Oregon
CVO Menu - Crater Lake, Oregon
Geology of Crater Lake National Park
Largest Eruptions in the Last 10,000 Years
The Nordic Volcanological Institute
Yellowstone restless volcanic giant
Vulkanismus Die wichtigsten Fachausdrücke (de)
The Axial Volcano, Juan de Fuca Ridge
Stromboli Online about the Eolian Island Volcano Stromboli
Roberto Carniel´s Stromboli Page
The USGS Volcano Hazard Program with the
The Cascade Volcano Observatory
The Alaska Volcano Observatory
The Hawaiian Volcano Observatory


Trilobita.de Trilobiten
The Attic of Trilobites Trilobites with nice gallery
Nautiloidea Introduction, Physiology and Systematics
Senckenberg Institut, Sektion Paläoanthropologie / tertiäre Säugetiere (de)
Stromatolites Early Life on Earth
Origins of Life
Louisiana Fossil Page by Paul Heinrich
Zeugen der Evolution von Martin Sauter (de)
Ammonites And Brachiopods In Elko County, Nevada
Longisquama a feathered reptile?
Dinoland Interview wit Susan Hendrickson
. Xenarachne, an enigmatic arachnid from Willwerath, Germany by Jason A. Dunlop & Markus Poschmann
A trigonotarbid arachnid from the Upper Silurian of Shropshire by Jason A. Dunlop
Sue a creataceous photo gallery
Dinosaurs got hurt too: Injuries and Infections of Dinosaurs, by Rebecca R. Laws
A Day in the Life of a Mosasaur by Mike Everhart
Dinosaur Trace Fossils by Anthony J. Martin
Vertebrate Ichnology References
Dinosaurs Encyberpedia by Bob Kerstein
Willo, the Dinosaur with a Heart
Guide to the Orders of Trilobites
The Palaeontological Association
Can We Learn from the Fossil Record? by Daneen A. Wilson
Dinosaur Extinction The Asteroid Impact vs. Volcano–Greenhouse Dinosaur Extinction Debate, by Dewey McLean
Hell Creek Life, Fossil Flora and Fauna a Palaeoecosystem
Fossils in Nova Scotia
Dinoland Paleontology interviews David Raup
The Dinosauricon
The Dinosaur Genera List
Dinosauria On-Line Your window into the Mesozoic
The Death Valley Paleontological Survey
Ediacaran fossils of Canada
Dating on Bones Canadian Archaeological database
Dinosaur Tracks and Trackways
Mammoths, their environment and extinction
Theo Engeser´s Page

Earth History

Air bubbles, amber, and dinosaurs What airbubbles in amber are telling us about ancient atmosphere
Geologic Time Scale by Andrew MacRae
Geologic time table by UCMP
Geologic time table by the USGS
The Precambrian by Pamela J.W. Gore
Katastrophen in der Erdgeschichte Referat (de)
Erdgeschichte vom GLA NRW (de)
Asteroid or Comet Impact Craters and Mass Extinctions
The KT Boundary
The Silurian
Early Cretaceous Tethyan Stratigraphy
Eiszeitalter (de)
Perioden der Erdgeschichte (de)
NOAA Paleoclimatology Program

external Dynamic of Earth

Glacial geomorphology
Gesteinsverwitterung (de)
All about glaciers
CSR Global mean sea level results -- TOPEX/POSEIDON time variations
FAQs about Sea Level, Ice, and Greenhouses
Glacier Image database
Glaciers and the Glacial Ages
Recent Glacier Surges in the Karakoram Himalaya, South Central Asia
Links to Glaciers and Pleistocene geology
Streams and Rivers
Greenhouse lessons from the Geology

Mineralogy and Petrology

Mineralogy Database more than 4000 mineral species with description, chemical properties, localities, and links
Kimberlites General information and introduction
Introduction to Petrogenesis
The CIPW-Norm by Steven Dutch
Solubility of baddeleyite and zircon by Korzhinskaya V.S
Zircon Mineral Data
Phonolith (de)
Welt der Gesteine (de)
PolMik Kurs der Uni Koeln (de)
Earth's Interior, Mantle Xenoliths & Diamonds
Tonminerale (de)
PETROS Igneous Petrology Databank
Amber - amber's page
Research in Carbonatites and Alkaline Rocks by David L. Reid
Zirkon von Bernd Klein (de)
Atlas of Igneous and Metamorphic Rocks in Thin Sections
about Zircons
Links for Mineralogists


Geomorphology from Space
Selected Geomorphological in Austria and the Alps by Christof Kuhn
Virtual Geomorphology

Impact Cratering and related topics

Terrestrial Impact Craters
Terrestrial Impact Craters Slide Set. Compiled by Christian Koeberl and Virgil L. Sharpton
Earth Impact Data Base Impact Cratering o Earth
Solar System Collisions Calculator for Impact Events on Earth
Exkursion zum Nördlinger Ries von Ch. Lindenbeck, R. Pflug & H. Ulmer (de)
Is the sky falling? Dawn Sinclair on Meteorites and the possible threat by impacts
Meteorites their origin, classification and composition
Meteorite classification index survey of the different meteorite classes with hyperlinks to explanations
Terrestrial Impact Structures
Data Base of Terrestrial Impact Structures
Impact Cratering on Earth
Wabar Crater Saudi Arabia
Impacts on the african continent
Lybian Desert Glass
The Wetumpka Impact Structure with some basics about impact cratering
Terrestrial Impact Crater List
Sudbury Basin

Regional Geology

Holzmaden (de)
Geologie und der Abbau von Bodenschätzen im Gebiet der heutigen Stadt Bad Iburg (de)
Findlinge in Norddeutschland die größten Brocken (de)
Geotope in Hamburg (de)
Geology of Missouri by Jo Schaper
GIS Arabia Information Sytem on the Arabian Shield
Harrat Hutaymah Saudi Arabia
The Paläobotanist Trail
Louisiana Geology and Fossils by Paul Heinrich
Bodenlehrpfad Hamburg (de)
Geologie deutscher Landschaften
Mount Elgon Location, Geology, Climate
Die Stumpen-Doline (de)
Das Vulkaneifelmuseum in Daun
East African Rift Water, Geology, Limnology & Environment
Exkursion in das Noerdlinger Ries(de)
Die Grube Messel (de)
Die Steinkohlenflora von Zwickau-Oelsnitz
Die Grube Clara Schwarzwald (de)
virtuelle Exkursion Germanische Trias Thueringen (de
Erlebnis Erdgeschichte in Baden-Wuerttemberg (de)
virtual and online geoguides USA+Canada
A seafloor crater in the German Bight and its effects on the benthos
East Yorkshire Coast Geology and Geomorphology
Arizona Geology by Stephen J. Reynolds
Arizona Earthquake Information
Southern California Geology
Geologisches aus der Eifel von Bernd Klein (de)
Tagebau Goitzsche zu DDR-Zeiten wurde hier Bernstein gewonnen (de)
University of Edinburgh with the geology of the Holyrood Park

Surveys and Associations, Institutes etc.

Frisep hat sich zum Ziel gesetzt, die Geowissenschaften stärker im Bewusstsein der Öffentlichkeit zu verankern.
Bundesanstalt für Geowissenschaften und Rohstoffe (de)
Die Geologische Vereinigung (de)
Association of European Geological Societies
Deutsche Geologische Gesellschaft (de)
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (de)
Deutsche Mineralogische Gesellschaft (de)
The Lunar Sample Laboratory Facility
Geologisches Landesamt Hamburg (de)
Geological Society of America
Institut für Chemie und Biologie des Meeres Institute for Chemistry and Biology of the Marine Environment
AG Geomikrobiologie am ICBM /de)
Bundesverband Boden (de)
The Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
North Africa GeoNet
Geologisches Landesamt NRW / Geologischer Dienst (de)
Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada
The East African Geo-Science Network
Geological Society of Uganda
Mineralogisches Museum der Universitaet Hamburg
Arizona Geological Society
The Geological Society of London
Friedrich-Alexander-Universitaet Erlangen Nuernberg Mineralogie(de)
British Geological Survey
British Geological Society
Irish Geological Association
The Chamber of Mines of South Africa Mining Web

Lessons, FAQs, Vocabularies, Online Ressources, Communities

Geologist online News, Forums and more related to geology
Online Atlas of Speleothem Microfabrics by L. Bruce Railsback. Usefull for everyone interested in speleology
Informationen zur Geologie, Paläontologie, Mineralogie Skripte und Infos, recht umfangreich (de)
Geo-GuideInternet-based subject gateway to scholarly relevant information in earth science, geography and mining
Dictionary for Geology by Jeff Iverson
Geoversum mit Infos rund um Geologie
Hydrogeology online course
Geology Education Resources by the British Geological Survey
Boggy´s Geology-Links
Geopoetry A true type font for arc Voew, GIS and Microsoft Word with geologic symbols
Geo Index Geo - Environmental Search Engine
Geology Dictionary
Geologie fuer Einsteiger(de)
Ask a geologist by the USGS
GeoFinder - Geowissenschaften: Geologie, Geomorphologie & Bodenkunde(de)
Dictionary of Quaternary Acronyms and Abbreviations
The Geology and Earth Resources Division
Geology Source Information Links
Illustrated Glossary of Geological Terms
Online course in gems and gemstones
The Virtual Geoscience Professor


Cora C Wolgemuth-Überwasser, Dipl.-Geologin(de)
Jobs in Geosciences (de)
DMF-International der Deutsche Mineralien- und Fossilienfachhandel (de)
Tim Kusky Geologist, main interest precambrian crustal evolution
Geographie4u Referate, Hausarbeiten und Themen zu Geographie
Java Applets zum Thema Geologie von Jürgen Giesen (de)
USGS Astrogeology program
Mineral Formula Recalculation Dr. Helen Lang
Free- and Shareware for Mineralogists Geologyone
John Seach Volcanologist, Explorer and Film Maker
MIKON Mineralien, Fossilien, Sammlerbedarf
Vladimir Vernadsky von George S. Levit
Peter Van Straaten
Hartwig E.E. Frimmel
The Black Shale Net
Natural Hazards from Earth Observatory
MyGeo Web Portal for Geo Sciences
crackpots, loons and kooks in the realms of geology
Etymology of Rock and Mineral Names by Christof Kuhn
Dr. Olaf Otto Dillmann Geologe
Personen und Daten zur Geschichte der Geologie und Paläontologie
ICDP International continental drilling program
Robert "Bob" Macdonald Consulting Geologist
Robert Grumbine Science FAQs, Books, Weather and Science Links
J. Paul Golightly Mineral Exploration & Geological Research Consultant
Newsfeed Platform for Geology
Geowissenschaftliches Forum Spektrum der Wisenschaft (de)
Recent geological News and Events at Pima Community College
Horst Gradl, Fossiliensammler (de)
Kathrin Gatzemeier und Frank Kuznik Mineraliensammler (de)
Answers to questions about geology by allexperts.com
Internetaddressen fuer Geographen
Geologiebuecher von Dr. Frank Rudolph
Forensic Geology geologic techniques solving crime
Volcano and Earth-Science-Oriented WebSites by the Cascade Volcano Observatory
Geologic Hazards by the USGS
Practical Guide for Digital Imaging Microscopy by William G. Hand
Is Oil of extraterrestrian origin?
A Geologist's Lifetime Field List List of Places a Geologist should have visited
Radionuclides in Geology
Vereinigung der Freunde der Mineralogie und Geologie (de)
The Savage Earth Web site
The Royal Tyrell Museum of Palaeontology at Drumheller Alberta a virtual museum
Swiss Geoweb Earth Sciences in Switzerland
J Wolt´s links to Soil Science Ressources on the net
Geologie Page von Christof Kuhn
Geologyone earth science, software, information


Fundamentals of seismic tomography
Seismic Tomography xrefer


Naturkatastrophen (de)

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