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Steamship "St. Georg "

Steamship at evening
Like a picture from long ago, St. Georg in the dimming light of the day on the Outer Alster.

If you stay in Hamburg, you should still make a trip on the Alster to get one of the most beautiful views of the town, especially if you have the chance to do this on a real steamship. Yust remember, the ships on the Alster are one of the most traditional means of transport in Hamburg. In the years before World War 1, more than 11 million peolpe were carried by 36 ships.

The steamship St. Georg is the oldest stil active steamship of Germany, it is restored originally. It brings back the atmosphere of the beginning 20th century.

The St. Georg was build 1876 on the Reiherstieg shipyard in Hamburg, still named Falke at this time. For the next 63 years, the ship was seen under different names, first Galatea and then St. Georg on the Alster in Hamburg.

After the second world war, it was sold to Berlin and was used on the river Havel. In the year 1984 it was taken out of service. Some years later, it was restored at the Laubegast shipyard in Dresden and then, in the year 1994, it came back to Hamburg, after 55 years.

Steamship St. Georg
Steamship St. Georg at the Inner Alster


Since the restoration on the Laubegast shipyard in Dresden, the St. Georg has again a steam engine with 2 cylinders and 75 hp at 2000 rounds per minute. The engine was originally build at 1922.

Skyline Hamburg
Just enjoy the skyline of Hamburg during your trip with the St. Georg .

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