Recca no Honou
Flame of Recca

"400 years ago, in the age of civil war, there was a certain Ninja group that existed. The clan's name was Hokage, and internal conflict ultimately destroyed them. And you are one of their descendants, sent ahead into this era using our technique of time manipulation." Kage Houshi to Recca

Flame of Recca is the story of Hanabishi Recca, a first year high school student who wishes to be a ninja. When he meets with healer Sakoshita Yanagi and the mysterious ninja Kage Houshi, his life is turned upside down. He discovers his hidden power to summon flame from his hand and control eight flame dragons. He fights against his half-brother Kurei to be leader of the Hokage ninja clan. With the help of his friends Kirisawa Fuko, Ishijima Domon, Mikagami Tokiya, and Koganei Kaoru, Recca battles his way through a tournament with the eventual goal of fighting Kurei.

This series is very action packed, full of fight scenes and tournaments similar to Yu Yu Hakusho. The animation is decent with good music. I love the opening (Nanka Shiawase) and the second ending (Zutto Kimi no Soba de). It's one of the first anime I ever watched. I'd definitely recommend it.

Special Techniques
Flame Dragons
The Tournament

Cast and Seiyuu


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