Anime Backgrounds

I downloaded a free trial of Paint Shop Pro 6.02 and have been making good use of it for the 30 days I have it. These are the backgrounds I've made so far. Go ahead and use them if you want, though I'd be grateful if you'd link me somewhere on your page. I admit I am an amateur at this so they may not be that great, but I like 'em. If by some chance you visit this page before September 12, 2000 and have a picture you'd like made into a background, e-mail the picture to me as an attachment or send me the site you got it from and I'll make the background for you.

Card Captor Sakura
Lee Shaoran in fighting outfit (Manga)
Sakura as an angel (Manga)
Group Picture (Manga)
Yue and Eriol's Guardian (Manga)
Fighting outfit 1 (vs Watery)
Fighting outfit 2 (Opening)
Fighting outfit 3 (Cat Outfit, vs Thunder)
Fighting outfit 4
Tomoyo (Manga)
Touya and Yukito on a bench (Manga)
Snow Bunnies (manga)

El Hazard
The Three Priestesses
Group Picture 1
Group Picture 2

Flame of Recca
Two Pencil Boards
Recca and the 8 dragons
Mikagami, ensui and the moon
Recca, Fuuko, and Domon

Fushigi Yuugi
Miaka's Seishi wearing black (Manga)
Miaka's Seishi with constellations (Manga)
Miaka's Seishi surrounded by light (Manga)
Miaka and Suzaku (Manga)
Tasuki and Chichiri

Here is Greenwood

Mahou Tsukini Tai
Group Picture

Marmalade Boy
Group Picture
Some of the guys
New York City characters

Neon Genesis Evangelion
Group Picture 1
Group Picture 2

Record of Lodoss War
Spark, Parn, and a purple haired lady

Rouroni Kenshin
Group Picture

Sailor Moon
Senshi in a circle (Manga)
Amazoness Quartet as Senshi (Manga)
Usagi as an angel (Manga)
Haruka and Michiru (Artbook?)
Eternal Moon with the Tier
Sailor Moon Stars Group Picture

Group Picture
Lina and Xellos
Group Picture 2

Tenchi Muyo
Group Picture

Tenshi ni Narumon
Noelle and Silky (Manga)

Snow Angel Vash (Current Background)

Violinist of Hameln
Group Picture 1
Hameln and Flute
Group Picture 2
First Manga Cover

Vision of Escaflowne
Van with wings

Wedding Peach



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