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Silmarillion fic about the fall of Glorfindel.

The Other Side of the Story
Silmarillion story. The tale of the Fall of Glorfindel. This time, however, it's told from the Balrog's point of view. Much lighter than Dulinraug, but could still count as a companion piece to that.

Oh No, Not...
An Elrond, Glorfindel, and Legolas fic. Beware the dangers of lunch with Glorfindel! It would seem that Elrond is the one to suffer today, and the only way to help him is... Ha! Like I'm telling you now? Read and find out!


Fine Elven Wine
After a night of revelry, Aragorn makes a blunder and fears he insulted Elrond beyond repair. Elf after Elf is recruited to 'fix' their Lord.

Reminiscent Threnody
Series of vignettes-Elrond PoV, detailing poignant episodes of his life, spanning various Ages and hearaches. Through the War of Wrath, Elros' death, Gil-galad's fall during the Last Alliance, and Celebrian's departure West, Elrond reflects. Complete.


Glorfindel's Cairn
Something is troubling Glorfindel, and the only solution lies with a grave lost since the First Age. Finished

Of Elvish Equitation and Shiny Things
Two elves, some wine, and a high king's horse. Iluvatar help us all. Finished


The Treachery of Saruman
Rivendell is attacked not long after the Fellowship leaves. Why and what happens? Finished

Saruman's Revenge
Like the title says. Saruman gets a bit of revenge for events in TTT. NOT nasty; this is a humor-fic!

One Morning
The plotbunnies made me do it!! ;) A PWP that takes place in Rivendell. *Nothing* is what it seems....


One Autumn Morning
Glorfindel stands by Elrond as he waits to confront a terrifying ordeal.

Tears and Training Swords
Elrond and Glorfindel decide to give the very tiny twins their first lesson in fencing.

The Golden Flower
Scenes from Glorfindel's youth explaining how he came to be Head of the House of the Golden Flower.

Elrond's Boys
Some stories about Elladan and Elrohir's childhood in Rivendell, in specific one summer when they were nine years old.

A Visit to Imladris
Galadriel and Celebrian visit Imladris sometime in the second age. Elrond and Celebrian meet for the first time.

A Bedtime Monster

A short story about the young twins finding out about the evils that lurk outside of Imladris.

Midwinter Night
A story about the midwinter festival in Imladris. Probably counts as a corny Christmas story.

Finding Celebrian
A short story about Celebrian's rescue and recovery after capture by the orcs. Main characters: Celebrian, Elladan, Elrohir, Elrond, Arwen, Glorfindel.


The Most Beloved Elflords of the Blessed Realm
This is a very random story, Silmarillion-based. The Elf-lords that will eventually be part of Gondolin, like Glorfindel and Ecthelion, hang out. You should already know at least the names of these characters when stepping into the story.

The Twilight of Gondolin
Joan's belated birthday fic. It's fluff about Tuor and Idril. Glorfindel and Ecthelion make an appearance. Galdor, Legolas, Elemmakil, and Turgondur do cameo appearances.


A Light Amidst the Dark
PG rating just for a little gore in Chapter 2. Now a collection of short fics featuring a certain tall, blond Elf --no not's Glorfindel, the "forgotten" Elf-lord and his stallion Asfaloth.

Neon Star

Fire and Water
Will be PG-13 later on.
The story of Ecthelion and Glorfindel during the first age.

Shadows of the Soul
PG for massive angst.
Elrond finally breaks under his sorrows, and Glorfindel comforts him. And what happens when the tables are turned?

What is in a Name?
The twins come to Glorfindel with a question on names.

Glorfindel struggles to make it to the Undying Lands, death at his heels. Not from an enemy, but from himself. Post LOTR

Water and Fire's Embrace
The dying thoughts of Ecthelion and Glorfindel.

Broken Soul, Hardened Heart
Glorfindel gets an unexpected visitor linked to his past life before his death, and brings grief to Glorfindel.

Madness Grows Where Shadows Form
Glorfindel has been rescued from a band of orcs, but he is not the same as he was.

I Shall Not Follow
Elrond is leaving Middle Earth, but Glorfindel isn't coming with him. Glorfindel's POV Finished

Brother of My Heart
Glorfindel was like a big brother to Legolas, Arwen, and Aragorn. Starts at when Glorfindel first meets young Legolas.

In The Dark Places That I Walk
Elrond and Glorfindel enter battle, but shall they both return from it?

Hair Dye, Fan Girls, and Grooming
Humor Why Glorfindel wasn't there in the movie. A series of short stories.

Failure is a Wound to the Heart
Glorfindel, Elrond, Celebrian's POVs. Deals with before and after the rescue of Celebrian.

Out Of Mandos
Glorfindel comes from Mandos, and Elrond is sent a vision to go find him. But Darkness hunts them both.

I Was There
Glorfindel was in the movie! Here are the missing scenes. Finished

Ultimate Sacrifice
The missing battle between Glorfindel and the Balrog. Silmarillion fanfic Finished

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