Dragonball Z

A few summers ago I discovered a cartoon on late-night t.v. It was called Dragonball Z. I had heard of anime before, but I had always thought of it as just this side of dirty, another form of porn. Dragonball changed that. I quickly got sucked into the story, rooting for the heroes and booing the bad guys. What had started out as one late night when I couldn't sleep turned into an everyday occurrence. I hated weekends because that was 2 whole days without my DBZ! When I returned to college at the end of summer, I mourned the fact that 1. I didn't have cable and 2. there was no one I could relate to. To my surprise, I found a DBZ buddy who was more obsessed than I! Together we fed the obsession and I am now the proud owner of almost every episode and most of the movies on DVD. Ah, life is good!!

Ok, I would eventually like to write some original fan fic for this page. The only problem is: I have never done this type of writing! Soooo, if you have any ideas on story lines, plot, characters (although we all know who those will be) or any type of pointers, e-mail me!

Thanks to Dana for letting me use this pic! You are AWESOME!!

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Its everybody's favorite Namek! Piccolo!! I must confess that he has been my favorite since the begining. I cheer at the "Piccolo Music" and groan when he gets hurt. Hey, I even root for him to beat that pesky Sayjin Princeˇ Ahemˇ

In all seriousness, I believe that this poor warrior gets way less credit than he deserves. There are shrines by the score devoted to other characters, but not poor Piccolo. There are only a few renegade pages who dare to post him. If I could draw (I can't even draw a decent stick figure) I would post images galore for your thirsting eyes. But since I can't you get to listen to me wax poetic on the subject. Don't like it? Too bad, it's my site! Ha!!

So you had better not take anything without asking first!

This is the greatest DBZ site on the web! Check it out!

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