Welcome to My World!

You have stumbled upon my little corner of the world. Here you will find that I am just a normal (I am the only normal person on the planet) everyday kind of gal with a few odd obsessions. But more on that later· Please excuse the simplicity of design, but this is my first attempt at a web page! Hopefully I will get better as I learn to use HTML code!

This page will cover all of the things I like (and some that I don't). I will be adding and updating as I go, so please come back to see what's new. There are links to other sites of interest on each page, so if you like what you see, please go visit those other pages!

Thanks to all of my friends (esp. you Jen!) who put up with all my questions and without whom this page would not be here!

**UPDATES** July 7- Well, I have finally updated again! There is a new poem by John Donne on the Writing page, a love poem this time. There are several new links on the DBZ page for you to check out! And there is a new cooking exerpt for you to enjoy. Also, I finally got around to giving my pages better names. I think these are a little better… Have fun!

This is my senior picture from 1997.

Feline Fun Name = Parsnip
Age = 66 days old
Height = 2"3'
Weight = 47 lbs
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Pikachu Adoption Center
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