2gether: The Series Reviews

Episode 1: August 15th, 2000
  First of all, I want to tell you that 2gether now lives in a house together and that they are not with Bob Buss anymore but What.ev records. The show starts with this party thing and 2gether's place and there's a bunch of people there inculding Lorelei, the Biggest Teen Pop Star(2gether is opening for her.) Jerry finally finds Erin, his girlfriend and tells her to meet him down stairs in the recording studio. Jerry goes down into the studio in the dark and waits for her when finally he sees someone walk in and he kisses her when he realizes it's not Erin but Lorelei. She thought he was a really good singer and she gave him her number. Jerry runs back up stairs and kinda acts weirdly around Erin. When Jerry's managers find out, they immediately order Jerry to take her out to dinner. Meanwhile, Chad is trying to overcome his stage freight with Doug's help. Doug tells him to sing to this stuffed animal (that Chad named Lisa). It works but when Doug walks in on Chad later on, he has named all of his stuffed animals(lamps, footballs, etc.) and was talking to them. Mickey and Q.T. become best friends after they were having a fun together. Jerry got in a big mess when he finally went back to his place after taking Lorelei out and finds Erin there. They start to make out when Carson Daly comes on MTV for a special report. He tells the whole world that Jerry made sweet love to Lorelei for several hours. Jerry knew he didn't do it but Erin doesn't believe him and leaves. The next night at the concert, Jerry was told by his managers to tell his audience about his love for Lorelei when Jerry really wants to tell the whole world about Erin. He is brave and proves his love to Erin on stage that actually ends up with a proposal! Erin says no and Jerry in heartbroken. His managers were about to stop their performance but Lorelei stops him and tells him never to interrupt a heart throb. At the end of the show, Erin and Jerry make up and are happy again.
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