Below are some of r/c related websites, in no particular order, that I would like to share with you :

New Creations RC Reasonably priced. Reliable. Bought the Astro Super Whatt Meter from them. Got it in a week.
RC Microflight Has some cool ideas and pics of indoor or slow flying models. But you need to be a subsriber to view their contents.
Castle Creations Specializes in Electronic Speed Controllers. Very friendly husband and wife team, good service and fast response time. Reasonably priced.
Ezone Discussion Forum A very good website for electric flyers. The Ezone discussion forum is always packed with advisers and advice seekers. Many expert flyers are in there, constantly giving good advices. I learned a lot from their forum.
Balsa Products Two people team - Dave Peru and Bob. Good service and fast response time. Quite cheaply priced. Products are quite limited to slow or parkflyers.
Alpex Hobby Internet online shop. Have not done any dealings with them.
Hobby Lobby Int. Relatively large internet online shop, has many items listed in their index directory. Some items are rather expensive.
Icare Sailplanes A good collection of high performance, quality gliders, expensive though.
Innovative Model Aviation A Belgium family business, specializes in indoor and slow flyers. Price is relatively cheap. Almost made a deal with them.
Parflyers Internet online hobby shop. Have a wide range of products on parkflyers.
GWS Grand Wing Servo-tech Co. Famous for their servos and small lightweight receiver units. Not cheap in Japan but relatively cheaper in US or direct order from Taiwan.
Musashino Mfg. Local Japanese r/c plane manufacturer, produces the Prairie, a gas-powered trainer for beginners.
Hirobo Models Popular r/c brand name in Japan. I have one of their models, G22-M.
Great Planes Mfg. Had some dealings with them. Good service, fast response and pleasant to deal with.
Astro Flight Inc. I am using their charger 115D AC/DC Digital Peak Charger and recently just received their Super Whatt meter. I have strong confidence in their products and am very happy with it.
Craft Room Famous local Japanese r/c website - produces their own range of unique r/c models (HL1-EX) and sells various products including GWS brand.
Union Model Co. A local Japanese manufacturer with their own range of products. Currently using their 130 class motor for my slow fly. Japanese only !
Paul Bradley's Website This is Paul's personal r/c website. I just love his range of r/c plane models. Really a fantastic guy.
Titanic Airlines This site is in German, run by Thomas Brendle-Behnisch. Its worth checking out their range of Kontronik ESCs, competitively priced.
Windsor Propeller Co. Provides very good service and fast delivery. Currently using their M.A gearbox and props.
Yokoyama san's Website This website includes his personal r/c gas planes collection as well as unofficial site of Komatsu R/C Flying Club in Japan. Very cool guy and speaks good english too :)
Batteries America Their battery products are sold much cheaper than other sites I know. But they are poor in service. Never bothered to email back. I had to call a dozen times before I finally got my package after a long wait.
Fatlion Sailplanes A good source to learn all about r/c sailplanes and gliders.
Tower Hobbies Has a wide range of r/c products. You will be able to find whatever you want here. Worth checking it out.
EMPS Inc. Excellent service and fast response time. Do not accept credit card though. Fantastic products on small motors.

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