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Julio Garcia's "Crime 2003"
© March 2003 2004 Julio Garcia
Confining Solitude

Confining Solitude 
Freedom of all, everything
Enclosed from within 
Lonely with all the joys of the world 
What's wrong, what else can a man as myself 
can ask for 
With everything at his grasp
Everything at demand 
No reason to be lonely 
Solitude a scary feeling 
Confinment as if incarcerated
Disconnected from the world
Why is it?
Is it my ingratitude?
Or is it my ungreatfulness?
Discontent with myself is heart breaking 
For granted things seems at times
This situation is horrible
Confining solitude.

A Lost Look

I look at you and try to see the inside of your eyes.
I sit here thinking of thoughs that should be told.
But I sit with unease because you already may know my thoughts. 
Sometimes I feel alone even though I have the attention of the world. 
Why do I stare at you and feel alone? Why be anxious and for what? 
What do I really want to say to you? I don't want no anger. 
I don't want no hurt feelings.
Would I hurt your feelings if I told?
What should I do?
I'm lost in your eyes trying to figure out your thoughts.

Sometimes I sit here and wonder.
I wonder of the most beautiful things in life.
Roses, trees, and every living thing.
Every beautiful place I could be at.
Like a small waterfall in paradise, 
Laying there in bliss.
Free from all pain and evil.		
How I feel when I'm with you.
You make me feel this way.
How strange the simplest thing can do.
Like a miricle my dreams are true.
Even if  it's just for one moment.
Sometimes it's drug addicting,
I fight and fieng for it just to be near you. 
Just to feel if I were in paradise once again.
What could it be?
Your lovely smile.
Your enchanting eyes or your non-chalant 
attitude of things. 
So easy going and peaceful.
I could die like this and be content.
I wonder how could this be I ask?
But never mind the answer.
It might ruin my paradise.
Let's keep it as so and be happy.
Knowing that we will always have somewhere
to go when we want to get away. 
You are my most beautiful thing.
You are my paradise.

"Crime 2003" © 2003 2004 Julio Garcia - posted Wednesday, March 24, 2004.

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