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Floriana Hall's "Colorful Quest"
© 2004 Floriana Hall
I'm looking for a rainbow
that streaks across the sky
A sign that says the world's okay
And peace is coming nigh.

I'm searching for a rainbow
Where warm pink feathers cool blue
And bright orange melts into suave mauve
Which becomes a golden hue.

I'm not looking for a pot-of-gold
Like the Irish do in March
When St. Patrick's day approaches;
I yearn for a heavenly arch.

I'll tiptoe lightly through the tulips,
I'll glide smoothly along the milky way,
I'll somersault through cumulus clouds
Like an imaginative child at play.

I'll sit on a sliver of the moon
And touch twinkling stars at night,
And when the sun comes up again,
I'll know things will be all right.

Each passing day will bring me closer
To finding the rainbow I seek
Be it in the month of March or May
Or  colorful October week.

Perhaps a glimpse of the rainbow is here
Enjoying love of God, friends and family
But I'll know when I reach my ultimate quest,
Heaven is the only true rainbow to be.

If someday I behold a rainbow on high
I'll treasure harmonious days,
I'll dream on the rainbow in the sky
While I dance through earthly gaze.
"Colorful Quest" © 2004 Floriana Hall - Posted Monday, March 01, 2004.

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