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Floriana Hall's "Sentimental Snow"
I awakened to brightness illuminating the room,
Peeked out the front door to old man winter's gloom,
Was surprised by white mounds of glistening snow,
Pleasing to people like me.

Snowflakes were falling, pure lacy shapes of white,
Like a sheer veil over a pretty face, magnificent sight,
Dreamy visions of what can and can't be
To people like me.

I quickly dressed and with joy ran outside,
The first snowfall of the season filled me with pride
That I live in a climate of seasonal change
Pleasing to people like me.

Soft starlike drifts mounting in height,
Powder puff pats preclude snowball fights
And sledding down hills a marshmallow treat
To people like me.

Drivers may not like sleet, slush, and snow,
Slowing traffic in town and wherever they go,
But I count all my blessings, this gift of sight
Pleasing to people like me.

Winds may blow, blizzards may slow,
Storms melt into oblivion, then status quo,
Everything's right in the world, don't you know
To people like me.

Floriana Hall, December 2, 2003
"Sentimental Snow" posted with the permission of the author Floriana Hall - Posted Monday, December 15, 2003.

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